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Of course most of us know what an acrylic floor is, and the majority of us imagine acrylics to be a type of plastic, but few know what acrylic floor resins truly are. Resins are what make high transparency plastics highly transparent.

One of the most widely utilized acrylic floor resins is Silikal, and Silikal is considered the absolutely best of the acrylic floor resins. Granted that Silikal contains methyl methacrylate monomer (MMA) like all the other acrylic floor resins, of which there are multitudes, but you see Silikal has something that the others do not, and that is enhanced MMA.

Without the enhanced properties, MMA is pretty cool by itself because floors that are covered in MMA will evince high transparency, have tremendously elevated weather resistance, will never harden enough to crumble and even when exposed to intense sunlight, will never turn yellow. In addition, MMA sets up or cures very quickly so that the business utilizing MMA for its flooring will not have to shut down that business as it waits for the acrylic floor resins to cure.

OK, you wonder, so if MMA can do all that, what’s the difference between Silikal’s enhanced MMA and this wonderful product called MMA? The answer is rather important in the world of acrylic floor resins, for it is longevity, or how long the flooring will last. Only Silikal says that it will probably outlast the building it has been utilized within. Think about that, it will outlast the life of the building!

Of course, the product has been secretly enhanced. No one but Silikal knows what their scientists have actually done to it to enhance it thusly, but it is highly recognized what the enhancement brings or adds to the MMA. Scientifically it is a known fact that what happens is that the ordinary MMA will eventually form little tiny pinholes. Those pinholes then allow dirty water to seep under the acrylic floor resins and ultimately cause the destruction of the flooring underneath the MMA, and in due course this will also bring about the total demise of the MMA.

Silikal’s enhanced MMA will do nothing of the sort, it simply will not allow those tiny pinholes to form, and thus it remains waterproof throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Being totally waterproof means that nothing will get past the Silikal. Now you can see why you want to use Silikal and not just ordinary MMA.

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