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Wherever visitors, staff and patients interact, the job of upholding a hygienic and safe environment in your hospital becomes a truly ongoing challenge. Silikal hospital flooring solutions will be tremendously helpful for you to meet such challenges with their slip resistant surfaces that are so much easier to keep clean as well as disinfect.

In addition, Silikal makes sure you and your patients obtain the safety and health benefits of having advanced air quality because our products have no VOCs. This helps resist infection, and offers the best slip resistance. Also, Silikal resists stains that are sometimes created by healthcare related chemicals. Silikal also reduces maintenance needs since it is all a seamless flooring surface thus you will use much less cleaning agents and can cut down on maintenance personnel too. The durable Silikal flooring will bring you eons of low maintenance regardless of the heavy foot traffic found in your hospital.

Some of your most demanding departments will also enjoy Silikal flooring especially in areas where the hospital’s healthcare challenges are highly complex and varied. For instance wherever you have patients that have significantly compromised health which include respiratory capacity and reduced immune systems, the absolute cleanliness of Silikal will definitely pay off. Those who are especially vulnerable because of advanced age will also appreciate Silikal flooring.

Imagine having Silikal hospital flooring that is resistant to the disinfectants and chemicals encountered in operating areas such as Betadine! That means that even operating room floors can be cleaned without having to resort to strong caustic chemicals.

In your emergency department both staff and patients in this critical healthcare area will be thrilled with its superb cleanliness and lack of porosity where no germs or bacteria can enter. Everyone there, from technicians, to nurses and surgeons will enjoy the comfort that Silikal provides underfoot too. After all a Silikal hospital floor in an emergency department can easily take the loads of gurneys, and heavy diagnostic equipment. Since this department has high-risk patients, the Silikal slip and stain resistance will actually ensure their safety, and clinicians will love special low contrast coloring on the floors that will help them to secure dropped instruments too.

The diagnostic and imaging department, which includes X-rays, CT scanning as well as MRIs, will appreciate the static dissipation to give them more precise results. Remember that Silikal has tremendous bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties which will help protect against infection, and Silikal has tremendously high rolling load resistance which means much smoother transfer of carts, patient beds as well as heavy equipment.

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