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Car Dealership Flooring

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Unless you own a car dealership, you may not have been aware of the floors there, but most of them have positively gleaming floors in the showroom. Ordinarily they are lightly colored so that they reflect the light all the better for you to admire the new cars! Psychologically this is a great move on their part because lighter superbly shiny floors put you at ease and put you in a feeling of warmth and happiness. Photometric measurements have been made to bear this idea out.

This is why floors and walls in a car dealership are usually very light, and mostly neutral. Ordinarily the strongest chroma is usually the colorings of the cars. Thus you will find that a red car is strongly red due to the lighting as well as the color of the floor in a car dealership. Let’s face it, for years color has been a design tool, thus why should car dealership flooring not be used as a design tool as well?

Those who design car dealerships understand the amazing power of color versus how people will accept other colors. What’s meant by that is that color never really will appear visually as it is supposed to be physically. Designers understand that color will be perceived apparently only in relation to whatever the total environment is around the item, rather than by itself. Thus you will understand the wisdom of putting a color rich automobile on a lighter gleaming floor.

Thus, when speaking of car dealership flooring it is important to relegate that floor not only light colors, but also having that floor totally gleam to reflect light. This is why so many car dealerships love to utilize Silikal flooring. Silikal flooring when utilized as car dealership flooring not only imparts a feeling of cleanliness, but also the floor can be made in such a way as to present “gleamability!” After all a stunning car is only enhanced by a gleaming floor.

Silikal car dealership flooring adds style and elegance to the showroom floor unlike any other floor can. You see Silikal flooring is totally seamless, thus there are no seams to attract the eye away from the automobiles. In addition Silikal floors are capable of taking a tremendous amount of foot traffic without ever showing wear, and of course Silikal flooring can take the immense amount of weight that each car puts on the floor and never show any damage either.

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