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Ah, yes college campuses. Memories of boring classes interspersed with some of the most fun a young person can have. Dare we mention the rolling and heaving of large kegs of beer across pristine floors and what they looked like following the party? How about all the beer that was unfortunately spilled on many college campus floors? Granted there were times when such parties were cleaned up by various initiates hoping to get into some of the better known fraternities, but usually there was a college cleaning crew that got involved.

College campus floors generally take quite a beating, from the huge amount of foot traffic to the amazingly nasty demands that are usually made in the laboratories where anything can be spilled and often does. If possible examine all the different kinds of flooring demands that college campus floors may make on flooring?

For example not only in the laboratories situated on the campus, but also in areas where hygiene is found to be important, the flooring needs to be some kind of extremely dense reactive resin coating. This in turn will prevent various liquids and a plethora of contaminants from ever being able to penetrate under the flooring to reach the substrate, for if it does assorted fungi and miscellaneous bacteria will grow. Examples include gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, showers, and such, but also do not forget how important careful use of flooring would be in such areas as the campus cafeteria, assorted luncheon locations, and even in rooms where mechanically dispensed snacks may be purchased from coin vending machines. Therefore the college campus flooring needs to be seamless. That is the only thing that will prevent the buildup of dirt on the floor as well as under the floor.

In addition, since we are speaking about energetic young people, chances are that a tremendous amount of attention needs to be paid with regard to skid-resistance properties of all flooring utilized on a college campus. The days of young men chasing each other with wet towels are definitely not an outmoded idea at all. And because the young are always the young, serious thought needs to be paid that the flooring will be stain resistant! Further, the powers that be in any college wish for whatever flooring is chosen for college campus floors to last as close to forever as possible. No college wishes to spend money needlessly, and no college wishes to see long disruptions of classes, etc. if they can be avoided. Thus above all, college campus floors need to last as long as conceivable.

Enough about wet towels, keg parties, and flooring accidents, the only college campus floors that anyone should even remotely consider are the wonders of having Silikal floors on that campus. Silikal floors are not just lovely to look at, they have all of the factors necessary to satisfy each and every paragraph mentioned above. Silikal utilizes their very own engineered enhanced MMA to put down flooring that will last a lifetime. Surely, that’s long enough to satisfy any college campus!

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