Non Slip Seamless Flooring

Non Slip Seamless Flooring

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There is non slip flooring and then there’s also non slip seamless flooring. One is very different than the other. You see, having a non slip floor is rather common, many different flooring companies will add sand to their flooring to turn it into non slip flooring, but it’s the seamless part that makes it rather special.

Non slip seamless flooring means that absolutely nothing can slip between the substrate, that’s the part the flooring sits upon, and the flooring, and in order for it to be able to do that it truly needs to be seamless when installed and then it needs to remain that way. We bring this point up about it remaining that way, because unfortunately often flooring that is laid and is completely seamless will not remain that way very long.

Bubbles form, pockets form and the next thing you know there are actually tiny pinholes in the so-called seamless flooring. These holes unfortunately enlarge, and eventually let in all manner of things, from dirty water, microbes, mold, bacteria and who knows what else? What happens next should not happen to a truly seamless floor, but then all those nasties multiply and strange odors begin to rise from the floor.

Silikal, a non slip seamless flooring, has beat that problem hands down. You see, only Silikal uses “enhanced” MMA, which is methylmethacrylate (simply called MMA), to make their flooring. Because of what it is enhanced with, this MMA does not make tiny pinholes that grow into microbes, mold, and bacteria and then smells absolutely nasty.

Silikal is the only truly seamless flooring available because of the enhanced MMA. Otherwise its special curing time, along with it’s flexural, compressive and tensile strength is the same as regular MMA, but that’s not considered the ultimate test. The ultimate test is of course, how long it lasts.

Those pinholes in the regular MMA flooring are what spells its ultimate demise. Otherwise, all those other MMA floors are exactly alike Silikal. Thus remember that one huge difference when you consider getting non slip seamless flooring, and don’t be swayed by other companies saying they can adjust their formulas to make particular engineering characteristics, because so can Silikal. After all having a flooring that lasts only six months before it begins to look worn and dirty is not a good test of your new non slip seamless flooring, is it?

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