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If there is one thing that the frozen food industry has committed to it is to provide their consumers with high quality products that are wholesome and safe. Thus the entire industry understands that even frozen food flooring is important for them to deliver properly to their commitment. It boggles the imagination to try to see in our mind’s eye what the freezing apparatus equipment must be like, how large it must be, and thus how it must weigh on the frozen food flooring.

Imagine too pallets or loads stacked as high as the eye can see while forklifts scurry about like tiny bugs on ice, for it is freezing there after all. Those working in the warehouses dress much like those from frozen Arctic plains to be able to work here.

The very fact that the floor is frozen too means that it must be well treated to be sure that it is completely non slip. Also did you know that only flooring that has passed the U.S.D.A for the highest quality in frozen food flooring may be utilized? Also such flooring also has to pass muster with the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). In addition, frozen food flooring must be able to tolerate the thermal shock of having the floors cleaned with hot water which is common in the frozen food industry.

It stands to reason that any company that installs frozen food flooring must have the capability to design as well as install the right flooring system for such operations, without ever disrupting the frozen food production schedule. This negates many companies from being able to install frozen food flooring.

However, the very best company and the best frozen food flooring is available through Silikal. Silikal will install a floor for a frozen food company that is completely monolithic. This ascertains that it will be safe flooring for a food industry for a lifetime. Not only is Silikal seamless but it is also totally non porous, and unlike lesser flooring will never develop pinholes which allow the intrusion of microbes, bacterial, staph germs or mold. Freezing apparatus will never harm a Silikal floor either.

Most interesting to many companies which need frozen food flooring is that the floor may be installed in freezing temperatures without compromising the Silikal lifetime. In addition these companies are surprised to learn that following installation, even forklifts can return to the floor after only one hour has passed for curing their floor. That means that there will be no disruption of the frozen food schedule that is so important to these companies.

In addition, a Silikal floor will also be beautiful making working in a frozen food area much easier to endure. These companies will never see the high costs sustained by worrisome floor repairs, tremendous production interruptions or even production standstills due to flooring failure. Silikal has been engineering reactive resinous flooring for heavy duty industrial floors for over 55 years at the present, thus it will be able to bring the very best frozen food flooring to any frozen food company.

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