Boat Floor Covering

Boat Floor Covering

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There are sometimes products that do not make much sense. For instance, if you are looking for boat floor covering, you will not want a product that cannot be exposed to sunlight, yet some boat floor covering products have that particular stipulation. On the other hand, you are probably looking for some kind of boat floor covering that is non-slip since it will be utilized on a boat after all. Strangely enough some boat floor covering products have you purchase an additive that is for all intents and purposes, sand! That certainly does not make sense either.

So there you have it. Most boat owners want a boat floor covering that can hold up against any color fading in direct sunlight, and in addition they want a durable non-slip surface. Who would have ”thunk” it?

Meanwhile, boat owners also desire a product that takes in cost-efficiency as well as having time-sensitivity. These are absolute primary concerns and who can blame them?

There is a boat floor covering that answers all of the desires of boat owners, and that is Silikal. Silikal goes down on the boat’s floor and sets up in a little less than one hour, taking care of the time-sensitivity quite well. In addition, Silikal is slip proof, meaning that none of your guests, or your workers will be slipping on that particular flooring. Further, it is totally impervious to the sun’s damaging rays and will never fade, no matter what!

Silikal’s high quality material has been designed for use on both dry and wet spaces. It is in use on ferries, cruise ships, working boats, off-shore platforms, commercial vessels, as well as on some military ships. With its performance-proven worldwide, it comes as no surprise that it is the favored boat floor covering the world over.

Note that Silikal’s decking material is applied directly onto metal decks, or if necessary it can even be applied onto other underlayments. Either way, it forms a flooring without compare that will even outlast the metal it is applied to. Keep in mind that Silikal has been utilized on every conceivable category of vessel. This ranges from luxury liners, drilling rigs, and even aircraft carriers and the lowly harbor tugs. Nothing can beat Silikal for boat floor covering, thus it can even include applications for marine spaces that are subject to weighty rolling loads, or all interior areas of a boat, or of course any deck covering for areas that are weather exposed.

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