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Museums are absolutely delightful places, what with the artwork, and sometimes the wondrous antiques they hold. Many museum floors are very reflective, meaning shiny and thus beautiful in a relaxing manner. They reflect the care that those who run the museums take with whatever treasures have been entrusted to them. Whether visiting a special children’s museum, a natural history museum, the Louvre or the Sixth Floor Museum which is in the building that used to be named the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Texas, going to a museum is typically a quiet introspective experience. However, many museums have changed, and today they try to appeal to the younger generation and thus use much more colorful museum floors than our ancestors did. Today museum floors may even be a hodgepodge of glorious color.

What these museums are searching for is a signature interior that bespeaks of their museum which may be audacious and anxious or refined and organic. Each museum knows that their museum flooring must induce attention to some exhibits, but to others it must be a quiet setting instead allowing the visitor to dwell in the artwork for instance. In some way the museum floors must never compete with whatever the museum is showing. Thus each museum must make grave choices when looking over an array of engaging designs as well as textures. Museum designers consider everything about museum flooring when making their choice, but above all they know that aesthetic variety is indispensable.

Museum designers then look to see how resilient any flooring product will be. After all thousands of people are expected to look at the museum’s exhibits, thus the flooring has to be able to handle that kind of high traffic. Further, many museums are arranged in such a way that there is a certain path that will be followed ensuring that one may see all the exhibits, and that path often spells visible wear patterns in the flooring if the correct product is not selected.

Then too museums often look at the sustainability of various flooring products. They may even be interested in pursuing LEED certification. LEED being the Green Building Rating Systems letters standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Thus far all of these requirements can be found in Silikal museum floors. Silikal comes in a giant plethora of highly attractive colors and styles and it is even capable of making abstract patterns on flooring or embedding a logo or anything else directly into the flooring. As to performance attributes, nothing lasts longer than Silikal, it will last a lifetime and most times is thought to outlast the building it is installed into. Silikal is environmentally safe and in fact Silikal is totally green, as well as being a no VOC flooring product. VOCs unfortunately yield a breathable gas as they are applied and thus VOCs are considered extremely unsafe. In addition Silikal will be able to give the museum multiple LEED credits. Also museums should know that Silikal employs only high-quality fully licensed applicators. You as a museum should entrust your floors only to Silikal.

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