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Motels were a brand new institution back in 1925, and the word is a portmanteau of a combination of hotel and motor, which is how a motel usually was created, namely with a large court for automobiles, or motor vehicles. Today, there are a tremendous amount of motels that are franchised, meaning that they must utilize the same quality construction as other motels within that particular franchise. The many independent motels that used to dot the landscapes of each town along any highway has given way to franchise motels that now are found adjacent to off ramps of some of the busiest interstate highways.

It is also interesting to note that the word motel seems to have been demoted, as perhaps meaning something found in seedier parts of town. Even though various establishments that may have been called motels might well still remain with motel appearances, today they may be named lodges, inns or even hotels. To those who are older and keep their memories of motels firmly established in their memory banks, they still refer to those establishments as motels, just from habit.

Back in the early days, motel flooring could be just about anything, but rarely was good wood flooring utilized, instead it was usually the ubiquitous use of stick on flooring tiles which were found in the majority of early motels. However, motel owners quickly learned that such flooring tiles were not exactly as promised by the dealers. They often rose up when a room became flooded due to water cascading onto the floor by either chance such as a broken water pipe, or the “guest” who somehow accidentally managed to leave the bathtub to overflow while on the phone. No matter the reason, many a motel flooring had to be replaced when that happened.

In addition, some of the truly nicer motels found that the floor tile adhesive had a way of coming up between the tiles and had to be cleaned off daily in order for the motel room to not appear dirty. Thus, adhesive floor tiles gave way to the more modern and varied floor vinyl sheet types of floor coverings. But that also presented problems, such as indentations from high heels, and various pock marks that guests made which could not be readily explained. The one encouraging thing was however those motel owners could now have flooring that did not float up as easily should the room be flooded.

Today, the very best motel flooring available is Silikal. Silikal flooring is slip resistant, monolithic, non-porous, seamless flooring that will prevent anything from going under it, including room caused floods. Silikal is also a completely clean floor that will never develop any pin holes. Silikal is fully functional flooring that is also amazingly beautiful, with a myriad of choices available to any motel owner that will reflect the care that they feel for their guests. This flooring is superbly easy to clean, and the best news yet is that it will last a lifetime and never need replacement as will other motel flooring.

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