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The assisted living areas all around the country have straightened up their act and the greater majority of them are filled with happy seniors who go on trips and get out to movie theaters, go shopping together, and most generally have a great time. Even the majority of the flooring has changed dramatically. Where in the past it was so common to use non-descript glue on tiles, which then gave way to indoor outdoor carpeting, today thankfully this has been removed, as it caused many a trip and fall when rubber soled shoes gripped the carpeting. They meant well, bless them, but too many seniors suffered through broken hips because of indoor outdoor carpeting!

They do try, for instance as some of them try to market assisted living flooring that has been especially treated to inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria. One wishes that the simple understanding of not allowing anything to go under the flooring to the subfloor is the true answer to “inhibit” the growth of such. Also many assisted living flooring vendors will speak about how their flooring is extremely durable and thereby eminently suitable for the high traffic areas encountered in assisted living facilities. The problem is that saying it and proving that it is durable are two sides of the coin. However thankfully there are scientific tests that have been promulgated to bear out which flooring is truly durable.

As for the hard fact that a lot of flooring will develop pin holes and then fail, is also commonly understood, and many are the companies who had to totally redo their assisted living flooring when they discovered the nasty truth. You see pinholes are the best entry for bacteria and microbes to get under flooring. The results are unfortunately quite predictable and unfortunately when those floors were raised, mold was growing rather quickly under those floors.

If you visit assisted living facilities, you might be surprised to see seniors exercising in gorgeous exercise rooms, learning to play a musical instrument in yet another, or grouped around a large screen watching one of the latest movies. As you view the assisted living facilities do not be surprised to run into computer and science laboratories, as today we know that learning never stops.

Also the greater majority of these facilities come fully equipped with laundry rooms, meeting rooms, and shops. The offices are basically welcome centers when an elderly resident has a question or wishes to settle a problem. The point is that assisted living has changed tremendously and of course assisted living flooring has too.

Silikal is proud to have been instrumental in finding better flooring for a multitude of uses, but even for assisted living flooring. Their experience with flooring goes back to 55 years and counting. In that time they have created special flooring that lasts longer than anyone else’s and it is called enhanced MMA sold only through Silikal. Sure the proof is in the pudding, but in this particular instance the proof is in the flooring!

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