Slip Resistance Flooring

Slip Resistance Flooring

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There are an abundance of reasons why someone would desire some kind of slip resistance flooring. Take for example a pet store that allows pets to be brought into the store while their owners shop. Great idea, until one of the pets urinates on the floor and the shopper falls. That would not have happened had the pet store had slip resistance flooring.

Another example may very well be a store that specializes in selling only umbrellas. Now, when do you really need an umbrella? Well, the correct response is when it’s raining, of course. Voila, yet another storekeeper which needs to have slip resistance flooring.

Yet another instance if you will? Imagine how necessary it is to have a slip resistance flooring if one owns a garage where grease and oil seem to be a constant? And it’s not just the workers who may slip and fall either, it could be the customer getting out of the car to turn it over to the mechanic, or the customer trying to look over the mechanic’s shoulder even though that customer should not be there, they still do that.

How about a poultry rendering plant? Day in and day out, raw poultry is carefully washed and moved about the plant spilling what can only be described as greasy water on the floor. Surely that is a prime case for the need of slip resistance flooring?

Next, see in your mind’s eye an airplane hangar. The floor that the plane sits upon is gleaming, it is clean and perhaps even reflects the airplane in the shine off the floor. But, a while back, that floor contained one of the worst contaminants of flooring -- aviation chemicals and jet fuels. A lesser floor than what you see before you could never have taken that kind of punishment and still end up gleaming. What is this amazing superhero of flooring – none other than Silikal!

Silikal flooring can be rendered as slip resistant as necessary, no matter what kind of business you are in. Thus all the industries and businesses described above could utilize Silikal to have gleaming flooring installed in their shops and then relying on the slip resistance that Silikal has. Silikal is not just slip resistant, in addition it is a beautiful floor that will serve you and your customers and help in ways that you may not have even considered.

You see, Silikal floors are all one piece, described as being monolithic. That means that nothing enters under a Silikal floor ever, and that’s why since the airplane hangar had a Silikal floor even aviation chemicals and jet fuels did not mar that floor. Silikal is that tough, and that resilient. That poultry plant is relieved that none of that greasy water enters under the floor to grow and stagnate until the plant is rendered useless due to the odors emanating from the floor, but they too have Silikal flooring. Even the garage owner never minds when one of his mechanics drops a heavy tool onto the floor, for he knows that nothing will mar his Silikal floor!

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