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Anyone who is not directly associated with seafood processing cannot possibly imagine what a tremendous specialty seafood processing flooring must be. Seafood processing flooring absolutely needs to be prevented from harboring extremely dangerous pathogens which will happen if those floors are not only dirty but also damaged. Water pooling near equipment is also a tremendous concern, as are tiny bits of seafood debris on floor.

The reason for this is of course to prevent contamination of the seafood, but that’s difficult if the seafood processing flooring is riddled with pinholes that enable dirty water as well as microbes and bacteria to fester underneath their flooring. Bacteria then replicates at an alarming rate, mold grows, and next the seafood processing flooring is condemned and seafood processing grinds to a halt.

If this happens to a seafood processing facility it will be quite evident that they utilized flooring that was not fabricated of tough as well as easily cleanable materials. In addition, they possibly did not have a suitable slope to circumvent the accumulation of dirty puddles in their facility. And worse yet, we have not even investigated if they used slip-resistant surface flooring for safety’s sake.

One of the best seafood processing flooring available among all the choices of flooring companies is Silikal. The heavy-duty flooring that Silikal provides has been more than successfully utilized for over 55 years in industries such as seafood processing. Silikal understands that flooring located in a seafood processing plant must be able to endure extreme temperature fluctuations, which may vacillate from freezing temperatures to scalding water to be utilized in cleaning those floors. In addition Silikal is able to take the various pressures and impact that is realized in a seafood processing plant. Probably the best example of same is the fact that most large seafood processing plants utilize forklifts, which are absolutely renowned for damaging flooring.

Silikal’s chemical as well as the physical properties of its impenetrable reactive resin coating is what prevents the contaminants and liquids mentioned above from reaching into the substrate which then causes the growth of various fungi as well as bacteria. Thus, it is inconceivable that someone would approve of a lesser flooring than Silikal since sanitation is of the paramount importance.

Remember the example of what pinholes can lead to? This is why Silikal will never ever develop pinholes in its flooring. After all that is the downfall of other flooring. In addition Silikal will be totally monolithic for the same reason. Then too, and this makes Silikal completely different, Silikal flooring will last a lifetime. Silikal is absolutely the very best selection among the many solutions offered because of the experience and incredible know-how that Silikal has acquired over the years. When Silikal comes to your site to speak about seafood processing flooring, you’ll spot it immediately; these are the people who understand you and your problems! Silikal will always offer the most practical advice, they are all friendly but most of all you will find that they are totally reliable.

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