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If you are the owner of a walk in cooler, you already know that some come with a floor attached to it, and some do not, thus you are expected to supply your own flooring. With those that come with a walk in cooler floor, usually the cooler floor is made of the same material as the rest of the cooler, perhaps consisting of insulated panels with some kind of metal skin. Just as the rest of the walk in cooler, the walk in cooler floor usually is either frameless or framed in place.

The difference between the two is that the frameless has some sort of urethane compound blown or foamed into the hollow of two metal skins. Thus as it dries, it sticks to the laminated portion of the outside of the skin. Quality is sometimes determined by whether or not air pockets were allowed to form inside this insulation material. The higher quality walk in cooler floors will have wood framed construction.

Next in quality may be the high-density rail construction method. This will usually also already have a floor, and if it’s to be utilized for heavy weight loads, for instance pallets, then in that case, panel construction of this type is considered superior. This is because there is no wood inside that is subject to wood rot and contains high-density boards inside instead of wood.

High insulation can be gotten by the next kind, called press set. The reason that it has a high capacity for insulation is that there are two different kinds of insulation material inside and the two basically meld together. If there is to be a snow load atop the walk in cooler though, you should consider the wood frame cooler as it is stronger.

When speaking of a walk in cooler floor though, it is definitely best to get the best flooring possible and that would be Silikal walk in cooler floor. First of all its propensities for sealing out the heat and retaining the cold are truly amazing. Next, the fact that it can set up or harden in place in less than one hour makes it a non-prohibitive product if you have an ongoing business, as you will not need a long drying in time.

Should there be an accident and your “difficult to perforate” floor be damaged, Silikal bonds easily to Silikal, thus it barely takes any time to fix the flooring. Remember as well that it’s still only less than one hour away from complete service to be reinstated.

Some walk in cooler floors have been equipped with stick on non skid strips. If you install a Silikal walk in cooler floor and ask for it to be a non-skid floor you will not have to fool with skid strips that frequently come loose and trip up those entering or leaving the cooler.

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