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Showroom flooring is exceedingly special. The reasoning is that the floor needs to somehow move the eye from the flooring to the goods being displayed in the showroom. Thus the flooring cannot in any way distract the viewer either as let’s say a cracked or crumbling flooring might accomplish. No, there are a vast amount of psychological reasons why showroom flooring needs to be bright as well as immaculately clean. One does not desire to “upstage” what is being offered in the showroom.

It stands to reason too that the retail showroom or perhaps let’s say a car dealership desires solutions that will fit their budget constraints as well as their taste. Thus it is my pleasure to introduce you to Silikal for the best in showroom flooring.

Whenever Silikal takes on a showroom flooring job, they take extreme care that the floor coating for that particular showroom fits the individual needs of that particular client. Granted, there are some common desires among them, such as the need for a long wearing floor coating that will withstand unceasing foot traffic, as well as perhaps the movement of heavy goods such as in a new car showroom. In addition, clients want to be sure that the flooring suggested for their showroom has the strict compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Next of course is the client’s desire for aesthetically pleasing flooring. There is such a fine line between aesthetic flooring and a garish one. This is why when you meet with your estimator, you will be given the capability to share in that estimator’s years of experience in your own field that can impart knowledge to you in such a way that you will make the right choice every time. Silikal’s estimators have a very inimitable capability to not only present you with Silikal’s highly durable flooring, but also to offer you hundreds of different color and design possibilities, so that your showroom flooring is fully customized. The Silikal estimator will reflect Silikal’s commitment to provide you with a thoroughly detailed site assessment that will include the estimator’s extremely experienced recommendations for your showroom.

Silikal’s amazing product has even been especially specified by showroom designers as well as architects who recognize the superb quality of Silikal’s showroom flooring. Thus you probably have already seen Silikal’s remarkable floors being utilized elsewhere, perhaps in colleges and universities, large scale shopping centers, hotels and within airports where more and more companies are finding that it’s a great area for a showroom as many persons are being held captive as they wait for their sojourn to begin with the very early check in procedures now being promulgated.

Silikal has always been a design led and extremely innovative company, and today Silikal works diligently with architects as well as contractors in order to bring their clients state of the art flooring. Silikal is slip resistant showroom flooring that will secure sales for you by presenting relaxing and intensely beautiful flooring within your showroom. Call Silikal today for your estimate.

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