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Today’s shopping malls are grandiose affairs, often two or three floors tall, and some of them would take over 80 days to go through if one spent only 10 minutes in each store! In addition today’s shopping malls are a significant architectural wonder works catching the eye of all shoppers who often marvel at what the shopping mall’s appearance presents. Shopping mall floors utilize architectural floor coverings made of bronze, brass, stainless steel, ceramics, glass and various usage of stones, but often they are also manmade materials that just as beautiful and useful as the list just presented.

Today shopping mall floors are just not happenstance, but often they are the result of tedious collaboration with a bevy of different flooring designers. It is tedious because various designers often need to work very diligently in order to have architects adapt their ideas, which then are passed onto flooring artisans to make it all happen. As a matter of fact they often work intensely in order to integrate the harmonious characteristics of various classical design elements and somehow meld them into a contemporary flare. In this way the designs can then fit in with modern looks achieved in the interior spaces of shopping malls.

Now shopping mall floors have gone the full gamut from hardwood flooring, to natural marble flooring, and even to ceramic tile flooring. However, today smart mall designers as well as architects turn to companies such as Silikal for the best shopping mall floors ever. There are multiple reasons why this is so.

First is the vast experience that Silikal has had with so many different installations of flooring. Before a shopping mall project is even in its infancy, Silikal will offer a tremendous amount of available flooring possibilities in a tremendous array of colors, as well as flooring finishes for a plethora of material types. With over 55 years of flooring experience, Silikal works well with designers and architects so that a designed plan can be easily conceived and then eventually brought to life. Silikal deeply understands that in a shopping mall exceptional touches make the mall look great. Thus Silikal will work with any art, logos, or even multifaceted patterns to be made in the flooring as they understand that such works are frequently the signature piece of their client's mall property. For instance Silikal can easily place any small or large logo right into the shopping mall floors, making that flooring not only distinctive but also highly distinguished.

Considering the litigious society we are currently in, Silikal can also make those shopping mall floors non slippery, and that is extremely important especially around the food court of any shopping mall. However even away from the food court, spills of various liquids do occur, and slip and falls can result. In addition by utilizing Silikal for shopping mall floors, the developer is assured that the floors will be installed by only the very best licensed and fully certified installers. Thus they know what they are doing and have done it thousands of times before. Experience shows in the final product which will last a lifetime!

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