Antibacterial Flooring

Antibacterial Flooring

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Both anti-microbial flooring and anti-bacterial flooring are sorely needed in hospitals, operating rooms, clinics, dental clinics, pharmaceutical concerns, veterinary offices, rest/retirement homes and even commercial kitchens. Of course most of these hygiene industry businesses would also be interested in keeping mold out of flooring as well.

Now granted if you have a floor created for you that is composed entirely out of modern synthetics, and that floor is one solid piece which is what a thoroughly seamless floor will be made of, you already have an antibacterial flooring. The reason is that a truly seamless floor should not let any bacteria insinuate themselves under the flooring, unless of course there is some kind of breech in the flooring. The very same logic applies to mold. If water or humidity cannot get under the seamless floor, no mold will ever be able to grow there.

As in all logical thinking, there may be a flaw in the very logic that’s been applied here. The flaw is in the flooring. You see, seamless floors are indeed created seamless however after they are laid down infinitesimal pinholes begin to appear in the flooring. It is through these pinholes that not only bacteria but also mold spores can infiltrate under the flooring, and there goes the antibacterial flooring and here comes mold.

If I am to pay out for antibacterial flooring, I absolutely insist that no bacteria, no microbes, and absolutely no mold spores can intrude under that flooring. In effect, I want utterly no breech of that flooring. That means no pinholes!

Thankfully, there is such antibacterial flooring available, which will totally prevent the creation of those pinholes that ruins all other brands of so called seamless flooring. That brand name is Silikal. Just as others say, Silikal is totally seamless, but Silikal is the only flooring that can say that said flooring shall remain totally seamless. The competitors make an excellent product, but none of it can even remotely counter with what Silikal has.

Remember how the pinholes in other flooring let in the dirt, and dirty water under the flooring? To counter the creation of those pinholes Silikal introduced a secret ingredient in the formulation of their flooring that totally prevents the pinholes from forming. With nothing ever penetrating to the subfloor, it remains as pristine as the day Silikal was first introduced as the top flooring so that it repels bacteria, microbes and of course mold forever!

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