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If ever there was need for special attention to flooring then meat processing flooring is it. The flooring in a meat processing plant probably takes the most abuse than any other flooring. Take for example the degreasers that will be needed when cleaning such a floor since spills comprise of fat, blood, as well as stomach acids to name but a few. Then once it is degreased, meat processing flooring is then subject to temperature shock since the floors are washed continuously with hot water. Then too, there are fork lifts utilized on meat processing flooring, hence no wonder meat processing flooring needs to be the best ever!

Various meat recalls that have had to go nationwide remind us of how important meat processing flooring can be, not only to the meat processor, but to those who invariably find that meat heading toward our mouths on the end of a fork. Meat processing flooring affects everyone in one way or another.

The alphabet soup that comprises of the various national administrations that look out for us with regard to meat processing flooring involve not only the USDA/FDA/EPA, but also the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP as well as the necessary OSHA compliance. One of the largest outbreaks that can occur concerning meat processing flooring is probably dirty floors found in such plants is Salmonella. This is why today meat processing flooring must be totally monolithic, which 70 or so years ago was truly not achievable, as such flooring as MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) was not in use yet.

Today’s scientists have narrowed down how to use MMA so that this kind of flooring has been utilized in thousands of meat processing plants all around the world. However, unless one is specifically into flooring one may never have heard of a scientifically augmented MMA that is used by Silikal.

Just as normal MMA, Silikal’s methyl methacrylate creates a complete bond between itself and the subflooring, resulting in a bond that cannot be broken apart. Further, Silikal’s MMA is also seamless as well as being monolithic, thus preventing anything from entering under their flooring, but so does other MMA. Silikal’s MMA goes on quickly and is ready to be put into service within only one hour’s worth of cure, but so does other MMA, and many can even have forklifts working on their flooring in such a short time as well as Silikal does.

Silikal may be an outstanding company dealing in MMA because it has been around protecting flooring for over 55 years, which is impressive but that may be true of other flooring companies. Silikal utilizes only fully qualified, licensed flooring installers to be sure that you receive the very best flooring work possible, again it’s possible that other companies do the exact same thing.

At this point you are probably wondering what makes Slikal so special in the world of methyl methacrylate or MMA flooring? The huge difference is that Silikal utilizes their own brand of MMA that is called “enhanced MMA.” The enhancement, a corporate secret, enables Silikal to last so much longer than any other MMA meat processing flooring, with all its idiosyncrasies, and in fact is named “lifetime” flooring because of it.

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