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When you walk into a hotel today, usually it’s all glitz and awe inspiring beauty. Granted it was not always so, but even in today’s “retro” hotels such as the ones found in South Beach in Miami Beach, the floors there are usually gleaming, superbly clean and occasionally are even in keeping with their “retro” look. Thus, you may find actual terrazzo flooring in those hotels, but the terrazzo has a well-kept secret. Chances are that that particular terrazzo has been sealed using some very technologically advanced floor sealant that makes that hotel flooring absolutely completely sealed from anything that might mar it. Terrazzo has been known to be capable of sustaining chips when something heavy is dropped on it, but now that won’t happen if the hotel flooring has been carefully chosen.

Terrazzo itself is highly porous, and thus subject to staining, therefore terrazzo needs to be very carefully sealed to prevent stains. Note the term “carefully” in the last sentence, it actually tells all, for not all sealants are true sealants. Some wear away, some have to be constantly renewed, and some last close to forever. Few people understand also that terrazzo is capable of being etched depending on what kind of fluid is dropped.

Examples of etching substances that should not be left on unsealed or improperly sealed terrazzo are urine, toilet bowl cleansers, various carbonated beverages, and fruit juice of all kinds. It is the acid in these items that cause terrazzo to become etched.

Then too, even terrazzo flooring found in these hotels can be scratched and damaged, and being in a sandy area such as South Beach, often this hotel flooring suffers greatly from the abrasiveness of sand and other dirt and grit scratching at their floors. Again, a properly sealed hotel floor means that the owner will not have to worry about such things.

Besides the other perils that these hotel floors may suffer, finally there are various oils that can actually enter into the pores of terrazzo, and stain it. The Miami Beach hotels are only too aware that many of their clientele will be wearing suntan oil, and thus they understand that at times such oils may spill directly onto the terrazzo. Once more the only way to prevent that disaster from happening is to properly seal the flooring.

It is unfortunate that many hotels spend tons of money on such products as special and very expensive stone cleaners, honing powder, oil and grease degreasers, polishing powders, and all manner of shining products on their terrazzo floors, and all for nothing. All for nothing because all that is needed is a high quality product such as Silikal to permanently seal that hotel flooring for good!

And Silikal is known to last and last, even lasting through the punishing friction of sand brought in on guest’s shoes, and prevents staining by dripped suntan oil. No degreasers will be necessary for the hotel no matter how much suntan oil is spilled, for once a floor has been covered and sealed with Silikal, all that’s needed is to clean it up are normal cleaning implements. In addition, just in case, Silikal is also nonslip as well!

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