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Mold Resistant Flooring

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When seeking mold resistant flooring a company CEO was seriously asked if flooring actually was susceptible to mold. His answer made the most sense I’ve ever seen when he said “Not really, but anything that goes under that flooring can and will mold.” The answer was very concise and to the point.

There are some flooring companies that tout that their products will never rot or smell, and they are being 100% truthful. It’s not the flooring that will rot and smell, but rather what’s under that flooring. Thus, they are being terribly equivocal and evasive. The smell is of course coming from mold and mildew found underneath.

That’s what many companies find out when they install tile floors. Tiles never rot, and tiles never smell, but the grout that is used in between tiles allows dirty water, tiny particles of human skin as well as tiny particles of foods to infiltrate through the grout. That’s what unfortunately begins to rot and even more unfortunately turns to mold. The odor of the mold is rather pungent, and can also occasion asthma and other respiratory diseases, or other breathing impairments. It can even cause serious health hazards. Yet, with all of that going on under the tile, the tile itself continues to appear beautiful and without any outward problems.

Sometimes all that’s needed is to have an effective vapor barrier. This works to stop moisture from coming through the bottom of the flooring and then creating mold. In addition, some find that by seeking mold resistant flooring that they have also installed a thermal break so that the flooring is much more comfortable to be on. Some companies have found that their service bills have gone down because of it.

The very best mold resistant flooring is Silikal. It forms a complete barrier between the subflooring and your floor. It is 100% sealed thus it creates a completely effective vapor barrier. You see, Silikal is totally non porous. With Sikal there are never any VOCs, volatile organic compounds, to deal with, and the product will dry within the hour.

When you get in touch with your nearest Silikal dealer, you will find that all Silikal employees adhere to the simple guidelines of respect, integral reliability, and accountability. That means that they arrive on time for appointments, always follow through with agreements or promises, and of course they totally stand behind their product, but that’s relatively easy when you have a product to be proud of as Silikal.

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