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Prison Floor

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Ever think about a prison floor? Well, certainly not the ones we see in movies, or what was shown in such wonderful pictures such as “The Count of Monte Cristo,” but the genuine thing that we see in “Cops” for instance? Now, if you were the warden of a large prison, considering the prison floor would be part of your job. Thus the question that the warden must face is what is the best product to utilize on a prison floor?

First, unlike the prison floor shown in “The Birdman of Alcatraz” dirty decrepit flooring no longer exists in our prisons, and definitely unlike the prison shown in “The Great Escape” which highlighted the awful conditions that men were kept in during this classing WWII action film. No, these are not the prison floors of today. Today a prison floor is very unlike those. They are bright and clean thus do not show any of the immense foot traffic that they need to put up with.

Granted, the biggest problems with today’s prisons seems to be overcrowding, with pictures of three high bunk beds becoming more and more common, as prisons try to deal with overcrowding, but if you look at these pictures carefully, you will note the gleaming floors found in today’s prisons. At least we’ve licked the floor problem, right?

Today’s prison floor is not only gleamingly clean, but is often like the floor found in the neighborhood hospital. It harbors no dirt, and is no longer a refuge for the various germs and bacteria found in the prison floor of yesteryear. Today’s prison floor is usually gaily speckled with a decorative touch that belies happiness and the attractive finish on them seems to shout “normalcy” to the convicts. Silikal’s flooring has also been found to greatly improve and progress the overall sanitation of the institution’s floors. This is because they greatly reduce their long-term upkeep, while increasing their overall sturdiness and durability. Of course, in addition they also provide a more attractive aesthetic.

There are many who will say that aesthetics have no place in an article about a prison floor, however it needs to be pointed out that a prison functions not only to house prisoners, but also those who must watch them, ergo prison guards. There is absolutely no reason why prison guards should not have aesthetically pleasing floors to look at. Thus Silikal prison floors are a wave of the future.

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