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Trailer Floor Covering

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There are of course many different types of trailers. There are utility trailers, horse trailers, cargo trailers, livestock trailers, box trailers, as well as car trailers. Some trailers have very special needs, such as perhaps a utility trailer that is used to carry pool chemicals, for instance. Although this is a highly specialized example, trailer floor coverings are important ordinarily to prevent rusting as well as wood rot of its deck flooring. Wood rot-out is caused by moisture as well as miscellaneous debris and dirt built up on a trailer’s uncovered flooring. There are of course many drop-in mats available, but those eventually tear and thus give no protection whatsoever. In fact some barely pass the Federal Vehicle Safety Standards.

Speaking of a specialty trailer floor covering horse trailers and livestock trailers absolutely demand a good trailer floor covering due to the sanitation needed to handle animal urine and droppings. This is probably the most necessary trailer floor covering needed. Look at for instance, the complete coverage that Silikal would provide this kind of trailer.

First of all, Silikal is applied not only directly to the floor of the trailer. You will plainly see if you look at the pictures of where Silikal has been sited that it goes not only to the wall of the trailer but also some few inches from the trailer floor to take in some of the wall. What this means, in the instance of animals and other trailer floor utilities, that no matter what category of cleanser is utilized to keep that wooden floor covering clean, it’s just an affair of cleansing at least a tiny bit of wall, as this is where the majority of damage comes about with other trailer floor covering. Thus such cleansers such as heavy-duty soaps containing lye or bleach absolutely will not gain a foothold into what is now a totally sealed trailer floor covering. Once cleansed, the trailer floor covering will be once more pristine and ready for the next load.

Once in a while accidents do happen. Thus with Silikal trailer floor covering if ever there is some unanticipated damage that happens to the Silikal, you will find that Silikal actually bonds to itself consequently repairs are very easily done. You see, unlike other trailer floor covering systems, there is totally no sanding ever mandatory to make the bond completely secure once more, and appearing just as when it was first laid on your trailer floor, for you will find that it dries completely in one hour just like the first time!

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