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The greater majority of theatre room floors are made of concrete today, though in the past long ago, the norm was for wooden floors. Questions have often risen as to the amount of sound reflected off those theatre room floors made of concrete as opposed to those made of wood.

Interestingly enough there are groups on either side, though everyone agreed that there is no way that theatre room floors should ever be carpeted. That would definitely suck up too much sound. Sound engineers have said that in watching most theatre one wishes to hear the music that is being played, and for the major goal of hearing music, concrete definitely wins the bets. Sound engineers have opined that carpeting theatre room floors would actually make the room sound deadened, which is certainly not a goal of a theatre.

Wooden floors can of course be sealed, but sound wise are they practical? The answer is unfortunately no. Sound will reflect off of wooden floors, but nowhere as much as what can be attained with concrete flooring.

Of course there are also some other priorities to take into consideration. For instance what of the drinks spilled, and what of the food that is so often brought into theatres? Can a wooden floor also be able to take the foot traffic that a concrete floor can? The answer is yes and no. If the wooden floor is not sealed properly with a great sealer such as Silikal, there is no hope for that wooden floor, as far as what gets spilled on it. And if sealed with Silikal, yes of course it can take the foot traffic, but if no, if some other floor sealer is utilized on that concrete. It’s a shame but then the answer is no, that concrete theatre room floor will not be able to take the foot traffic.

You may be asking yourself why Silikal would make that much difference as opposed to similar floor sealers? The answer is actually rather simple. Other floor sealers are made from MMA meaning Methyl Methacrylate, thus foreshortened to MMA for simplicity’s sake. However, Silikal has gone a step beyond and created enhanced MMA flooring. What the ingredients are that enhances the Silikal MMA is anyone’s guess, as it’s being kept a close guarded secret.

One thing is for sure though. MMA utilized alone will last pretty well, given the foot traffic expected in a theatre, but Silikal’s enhanced MMA will actually last a lifetime. And a lifetime it is regardless of the amount of foot traffic that theatre ever receives. This fact alone is what makes Silikal a product that is considered way above the rest.

Granted the fact that Silikal will only take one hour to cure following installation is yet another good point for Silikal, as is the fact that Silikal has been actively involved in flooring for the last 55 years. Their experience alone makes them at the forefront of many other flooring companies for theatre room floors, but mostly it’s due to Silikal’s enhanced MMA formula.

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