Durable Flooring

Durable Flooring

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What does durable flooring really mean to you? Some expect durable flooring to last all their lives, so that once it’s put down, they never think about it again. Some expect it to last at least as long as the salesman told them, but that’s rarely the case, it usually is not durable flooring for that long. Others may have misjudged the amount of punishment they give their flooring, and are very surprised to find out that the durable flooring they thought they had just simply did not measure up.

There are some industries and businesses that still like wood flooring. It definitely starts out looking fantastic, and is somewhat durable, but eventually moisture, dents and scratches will make it appear tired and may even need to be replaced. Those who turn to engineered wood floors find that it can’t be refinished too often at all!

Laminate flooring has even made it into industrial use. It is durable flooring to a point, although it does not do well with liquids, and moisture damage is usually its nemesis.

Any kind of stone flooring is basically durable flooring, but it does have its detractors. Stone travertine or marble flooring needs to be well sealed first of all, however it does look impressive in offices and such. It’s only as durable as its sealing material and sealing must be redone frequently.

Tile has always been around forever, or so it seems. It is highly durable flooring except for its propensity to chip if something heavy is dropped on it, but its Achilles heel is the grout which can get dirty very fast unless sealed, and even then it has a susceptibility to wear away.

Vinyl flooring is…well, it’s vinyl flooring. Durability is not its middle name, though it looks great when first installed. Rarely utilized in even offices any more, its use is more residential and in the kitchen or bathroom.

Cork and/or bamboo, are the newest “green” flooring options, though they’ve been around for a long time, they were rarely utilized until man became more earth conscious. Neither one is truly durable flooring, though being used in private offices mostly now.

Thus, if you want truly durable flooring, flooring that will last longer than the building it’s installed into, you must look into Silikal flooring. They can match any “look” you desire, or seal any flooring that you may already have and wish to preserve. Their industrial flooring is also unmatched, and even if you utilize forklifts, they do have durable flooring for you!

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