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Unless you are the owner of a dairy farm, you probably have not given much thought to dairy farm floors. However research has proven that various dairy farm floors can cause the dairy farmer tremendous monetary losses when the cows turn up lame, or even take a spill. The incredible importance of dairy farm floors cannot be in any way discounted. Economic losses have often resulted from poor dairy farm floors such as when the cows give a lessened yield of milk, or their milk is low in milk fat or even worse when the cows suffer a sudden drop in their body weight.

Dairy cows need flooring that offers a comparatively dry walking surface, offers the cow assured as well as comfortable footing, and in addition the flooring must be as durable as possible. Dairy farm floors likewise require that they be designed as well as constructed in order that they can be structurally sound.

Interestingly enough there are some dairy farmers who roughen up their concrete floors in an effort to impede slippage but unfortunately this practice can wear hooves down and also create lameness. On the other hand, most concrete floors will not create enough traction. When the flooring is too rough, abrasion causes the cows injury, but when it is too smooth inadequate footing causes injuries also.

Because concrete is the most common flooring seen in dairy farms, those farmers have often sought to change the concrete to cause more stability for their cows. Some make grooves in the concrete, and others have installed grooved mounds of concrete interspersed with flat areas. Usually this is not an essential if they consult with a good company that understands the needs of dairy farmers and their dairy farm floors.

One such company is Silikal. Silikal has been providing flooring solutions for a tremendous range of needs, including dairy farmers, for over 55 years. Silikal will take a very close look at the farmer’s needs prior to even giving the farmer a suggestion as to flooring. Then when Silikal is certain about the product and how it will be handled to keep the farmer’s cows healthy and yes, happy too, then Silikal will give its estimate. Within the estimate for dairy farm flooring will be Silikal’s very learned suggestion as to the amount of traction that will be built into the flooring. Again, this is where experience in flooring shows to great advantage.

The Silikal flooring will be extremely easy to keep clean, another concern that dairy farmers have, and the Silikal flooring recommended will be structurally sound, and will not wear out as other poor flooring will do. Not even a pin hole will come through that Silikal flooring thus nothing will enter under the flooring to cause mold or bacteria to grow there. And the farmer will be thrilled to hear that once the flooring has been laid, the cows can all “come home” once more within only one hour. Now those will be happy cows with their Silikal flooring!

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