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The Problem

Dairy farm floors perform functions that are vital to the success and profitability of the operation. The floor must be able to withstand chemical attack from the acids in milk and the chemicals used to keep the surface clean and sanitary. In addition, the surface must be just the right texture – too smooth, and the cows might slip and fall, injuring themselves. Too rough and the floor can damage the animals’ hoofs.

While concrete is most often used, in just a few years, it succumbs to chemical attack and starts wearing rapidly, the exposed aggregate causing problems with good footing for the cows.

Resinous Flooring

Some farmers have tried epoxy or cementitious urethane overlayments and have not had much better luck. These overlayments are so porous that everything that spills on the floor ends up being absorbed into the overlayment, ultimately causing holes, cracks, and delamination. In a survey taken in 2013, the average resinous floor installed in the food processing industry lasted LESS THAN 5 YEARS!

Additionally, these formulas require 24 hours [after installation is completed] to reach substantial curing and do not completely cure for 7 DAYS! Who is going to tell the cows to sit tight for seven days and don’t worry about it? Most operations start back up long before curing has taken place, compromising the overlayment’s ability to perform per specification.

The Silikal® Difference

Silikal’s proprietary slip-resistant formula [similar in chemistry to Plexiglas] has no pores or pinholes. Therefore, nothing will penetrate the surface. This is why Silikal outlasts and outperforms every other floor in a food processing environment. We have customers with 25 year-old floors that look and perform like new!

Silikal flooring cures in one hour – at temperatures down to 0°F! This means that a Silikal installation can be fit into your schedule – often without loss of production – saving your company thousands!

Silikal floors are installed by business partners that have been field-trained by company employees. You can be sure that with Silikal, your floors will be properly installed to provide your company many years of trouble-free service – and we have a guarantee to back it up!

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