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In the old days before we became so litigious pool decks were normally areas where if we were not careful, it was a known fact that we could easily slip, or slide and fall down. Falls often resulted in bodily injury, thus we were always careful, although even the shrill admonition of a watching mother usually never slowed down an excited child from running on a pool deck, but adults tried to be extremely careful how they stepped and where they stepped.

The days of overly slippery pool deck flooring are at least over with, although anyone considering pool deck flooring will find that there are degrees of non-slip pool deck flooring. Scientifically, all manner of additives have gone into pool deck flooring in order to manage the slipperiness found there. In the beginning actual sand was broadcast throughout the surface prior to drying, but it was found that this resulted in the sand wearing off frequently, still leaving the surface to be slippery eventually. The reason was of course that it was placed on top of the flooring, and there was little utilized to actually make it adhere to the slicker surface.

Scientific study of various adhering substances followed, mostly being done by flooring companies, and at last MMA was discovered. MMA stands for methyl methacrylate thus it’s shortened to MMA. MMA is utilized by a plethora of different flooring companies for pool deck flooring, and that’s well understood because it is indeed a great product. Cure times, also known as the time it takes this kind of pool deck to dry, are fabulous, enabling swimmers to utilize the pool deck flooring within an hour of installation. The flexural strength, as well as the compressive and tensile strength of MMA also makes it the ideal pool deck flooring.

However a company by the name of Silikal noted that with all its wonderful attributes that the normal MMA was not long lasting enough. In fact when utilized as pool deck flooring many commercial pool owners, such as motel and hotel owners, found that they had to replace the MMA rather frequently. That is when Silikal scientists and engineers went to work to find something that would enable MMA to last as long as they thought it should. They were highly successful, and not only found an MMA additive that enabled MMA to last longer, but to actually last a lifetime. As all inventors say, EUREKA!

It is interesting that Silikal named this new kind of MMA just simply “enhanced” MMA, for although it tells the story of what they did to MMA they could have named it “secret formula MMA” and at least raised some eyebrows with the name of their new creation. However, enhanced MMA it is, and today it is the absolutely finest pool deck flooring available for pool decks. It can be made totally non slippery for the problems noted in the first paragraph, and it can be made absolutely gorgeous so that the most finicky of decorators will approve the use of Silikal enhanced MMA for their pool deck flooring.

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