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As soon as one hears the terms climate adaptive flooring, the first thought is that it means that the flooring will be outside, but that is not necessarily true. Different kinds of inside flooring are extremely sensitive for example to the sun’s rays. There are diverse varieties of flooring for example that will turn yellow wherever the floor is exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, even through glass. Obviously this will not do, and often the flooring needs to be replaced because climate adaptive flooring was not chosen at the onset of making a choice.

Another reason for needing climate adaptive flooring on an inside basis might be found wherever a walk in cooler, or a freezer is located. That definitely requires climate adaptive flooring, and perhaps the flooring will even need to be installed while those coolers or freezers are working.

Finally, of course we now move our attention to flooring that will be used exclusively outdoors. Climate has a way of forever changing. One day it might be sufferingly hot, the next may bring forth a deluge of rain, and who knows the climate may even change to freezing temperatures and the climate adaptive flooring will have to sustain through a blanket of snow. Thus the floor has to be adaptable to any climate, which may even include very high humidity indoors, the possibility of frigid winters when installed outside, and perhaps even under water.

The only flooring that fits all of the parameters listed is Silikal. After all Silikal is even utilized to seal off decorative fountains created inside of very posh lobbies, with never a drop of water ever escaping.

Silikal is also renowned for usage inside freezers as well as walk in coolers. And Silikal can even be installed when those coolers and freezers are working. You see, Silikal can be installed in Zero Degrees 0°F and even lower without even triggering any complications with Silikal.

The Silikal flooring will completely and thoroughly bond at any temperature, even when faced with extremely hot temperatures such as next to intense heat such as found in iron smelting plants. And of course Silikal will never fade, unlike many other kinds of flooring, when faced with the sun’s rays either. That is called being UV resistant when speaking of flooring.

Silikal outdoor flooring is tough and watertight, thus always enabling it to be considered superlative flooring that can endure the effects of the harsh elements of any weather over a lengthy period of time. Ah, but the question is what is meant by a “lengthy period of time?”

Interestingly enough Silikal has through its patented enhanced MMA formula created climate adaptive flooring that will last a lifetime, and certainly has been proven to last over the lifetime of locales when it has been installed. This means that the edifice where it was installed, or the outside flooring where it was installed, was demolished with the flooring still intact and as beautiful as the day it was installed. Now that is what lifetime means when you speak of Silikal flooring!

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