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No matter what industry it concerns, it is always a necessity to maintain concrete flooring absolutely clean, but when talking about nuclear facility flooring then it becomes more than important maintenance, it is an out-and-out requisite that goes far beyond just maintenance. You see in a nuclear facility keeping the flooring absolutely clean will aid in stopping the distribution of any radioactive particles that might have been spawned while performing normal maintenance on various systems that may contain radioactive contamination. Few people are aware that radioactive contaminants actually collect as well as being extended in a nuclear facility. Picture how dust and assorted dirt spreads in other industrial plants.

This is why any nuclear facility has radiation security plans set up and those are always being scrutinized by the federal government. Each nuclear facility has a very systematic and fully comprehensive housekeeping schedule fully set up, and it even includes the specific materials to be utilized and all the procedures are clearly set out just to keep their flooring clean. As can be imagined, once the flooring is clean and has no radioactive contamination due to the plant following this schedule, then any and all workers are free to enter any facility areas. You see, if the facility harbored radioactive particles then in that case all of those working in the plant would have to go through extremely time consuming procedures to decontaminate themselves. Thus, you now fully understand why it is so important for effective plant maintenance as well as operation that the primary access of the facility is devoid of any low-level radioactive material.

If ever you have had occasion to visit a nuclear facility, you may very well have been asked to walk through a radiation monitor prior to exiting the plant. Should the radiation levels have come in at higher than acceptable levels, then you and the others in your party would have been directed to perform decontamination procedures. This is usually just a matter of taking a tepid water shower. The reason for this is so that your bodily skin pores won’t open or close. Once you are completely rinsed off, you will be able to pass through the monitor once more without setting it off.

Remember picturing dust and various dirt being spread in a regular industrial facility? That is exactly how radioactive contamination is spread, by being tracked by the shoes worn by individuals. Again, you see the importance of clean flooring.

So what is really needed is a flooring surface that is high-gloss, as well as completely hygienic which is not only easy to keep clean but also tremendously durable. That nuclear facility flooring has to be abrasion-resistant, self-leveling and of course be chemical and impact-resistant.

Enter Silikal which completely fits the parameters of any nuclear facility flooring. It is completely sealed being monolithic, will not crack under duress not even from steel-wheeled forklifts, and best yet it will last a lifetime. That building is probably going to be there way after nuclear facilities are no longer needed, but that Silikal flooring will still be there!

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