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Fuel Storage Flooring

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Flooring such as fuel storage flooring has to be able to undergo severe chemical exposures. Also it is common in cases such as these to utilize spark-proof flooring. The use of fuel storage flooring may be found in the automotive industry of course, but also in marine with marinas, industrial areas, and where fleet refueling can go on. It is extremely likely to find that many aviation fields also require fuel storage flooring.

As amazing as it may seem, that is not the only locations where fuel storage flooring may be found, for instance consider farms and ranches meaning the agricultural segments. Then too let us not forget all manner of trucking who do not utilize public filling stations. Then too there are government installations and various municipalities as well. Many if not all are in need of fuel storage flooring.

Those companies which provide this kind of fuel storage flooring have a great responsibility to be sure that their flooring has been properly treated to be able to withstand the harsh chemicals that fuel contains. For example one of the most damaging of fuels to any flooring has been found to be jet fuel, so when a flooring company is offered a contract to provide fuel storage flooring to an aviation company, you can bet that the company has created a flooring that works hand in hand with jet fuel.

Silikal is such a company, and has often been asked to provide flooring for fuel storage areas where the fuel is even jet fuel. There is however, a great number of different fuel storage done throughout the world. Take for instance, diesel fuel, fuel oil, bio diesel, and ethanol fuel, as each of these has a different chemical footprint.

When used where the flooring is cold most other standard products other than Silikal will develop extreme thickness and therefore be extremely slow to cure. However, Silikal can even be utilized inside commercial freezers which are already set and running for below 0 degrees. Fuel storage flooring is of course not applied inside but outside, however sometimes the temperature outside is substantially below 0 degrees, and still application of flooring must proceed.

Finally, across our country, companies are dependent on the flooring technology infrastructure available to them in order to have those companies running securely, some of them even on a 24/7 basis. Silikal understands their need to do so, and will work quickly to install the flooring required, and then the company need only pause one scant hour for the product to cure.

In addition, Silikal views their flooring designs as being sustainable design, meaning that it is good for the businesses involved with Silikal, good for the people and of course good for our planet. When a company utilizes Silikal products, they will earn LEED certification. Only Silikal approaches each and every construction as well as interior project assignments as an occasion to heighten and improve environmental, organizational, building and of course human performance. Silikal views this as the basis for their sustainable design.

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