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Supermarket Flooring

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Today if you walk into a newer supermarket chances are that the very floor even leads you to buy more from that supermarket. Supermarket flooring, after all, needs to be thoroughly professional in appearance, immaculately clean and give the shopper a sense of security that everything in that market is fresh, well tended and thoroughly wholesome. Thus as you can see, supermarket flooring is extremely vital to the supermarket industry.

Silikal flooring, is actually the world's greatest concrete floor resurfacing system when considering any supermarket flooring. The flooring that they install is first of all capable of being installed over any stained concrete you may have and Silikal is considered as the definitive solution for chipped, cracked, or plain concrete floors. You may even consider using Silikal coating over existing tiled areas. The results are a brand new gleaming superbly clean floor that will inspire tremendous confidence in your supermarket.

If you are a supermarket owner, or the manager of one and the decision rests with you, you cannot go wrong with Silikal. You see, Silikal will dry and be ready for shopping within one short hour after it is installed in your supermarket. That means that you do not need to close for hours on end in the hopes that the flooring will cure in time to allow you to re-open your supermarket. Handcarts will not hurt your new floor, and neither will the handicapped electric carts that many supermarkets now supply to their handicapped shoppers. When you use Silikal as your supermarket flooring, you will find that even the accidental dropping of large heayy cans will not split the protective coating that is Silikal, for Silikal is one of the most forgiven floors ever brought to man.

In addition, supermarket flooring that continues on into the storage areas of a supermarket will also remain totally pristine, as even forklifts do not damage its beauty and strength. The cleanliness of Silikal will also carry through to the rest rooms in your supermarket, and bring confidence to your supermarket’s name.

Of course, every supermarket suffers from unintentional spills as customers may break spaghetti sauce jars, applesauce jars, and even cause soda bottles to explode accidentally by turning them over a few times to inspect them. Thus, supermarket flooring has to be easily cleaned in split second time. Silikal is the only way to go for that kind of cleanliness support!

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