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Kennel Flooring

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There are many kinds of kennel flooring from rubber mats to just plain paints to the very best kinds that will last longer than the kennels themselves. If you have a kennel, you will have to research each one to get what you think is the best solution to your kennel flooring.

Rubber mats are often suggested, of course. The sales data for rubber mats includes the facts that they are a cost effective, durable, comfortable, and resilient and are also a warm alternative. The negatives to this method are of course that it does not take care of the concrete below the rubber mats. When concrete is not adequately protected, all manner of microbes, germs, bacteria and mold will begin to grow in the concrete. Given the negative nature of canine urine, this then results in very unpleasant odors that will be very difficult to remove from the concrete.

Thus, the concrete has to be cleaned with a strong disinfectant that is not earth friendly, much less friendly to your kennel help nor your kennel mates, your canines! The reason for this is of course that concrete is totally porous, thus creating a dangerous situation.

Also, did you know that concrete is always damp? It may appear to be totally dry, but you are forcing your canines to lie on damp concrete if you do not supply them with additional bedding on a clean surface.

The best solution to kennel flooring is thus Silikal. You see Silikal will not allow anything to soak through to the concrete in kennel flooring. Thus cleaning such kennel flooring is reduced to the simple – spray and dry. That’s it! Everything that was on that kennel flooring is gone with the nozzle of a hose. Accidental kennel messes? Same thing – spray and dry, it’s that simple and that easy.

In addition, Silikal is no longer just plain hard cold concrete. Silikal enables your animals to warm the surface of Silikal, thus they will be much more comfortable on it.

Also, Silikal takes care of the slipping and sliding problems occasioned by wet concrete. The reason is that Silikal has a non-slip capability that most canine kennels truly appreciate, not just for the dogs, but for the kennel help as well.

In conclusion, Silikal will save wear and tear on your floors. Silikal cannot be chewed, nor scratched and it definitely will not wear away from constant cleaning. Silikal will, in fact, probably outlast your kennels!

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