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Casino flooring is a very special type of flooring. That does not mean that it’s a brand name or that it can be found by searching for casino flooring, but rather that it is special because it has to reflect the excitement of a casino, and because it has to be incredibly long-lasting. Durability when thousands and thousands of people walk on that flooring daily is something that every casino flooring needs, over and above all other facets or features.

Granted casino owners also want a “wow factor” built into their casino flooring, after all each casino tries to outdo the other in splendor, grandeur, and impressiveness. If you are not impressed with all that you view when you walk into a casino, someone has not done their job, it’s that simple. This is why casinos spend an awesome amount of money on impressive accouterments including the casino flooring.

Here and there you will of course find parquet floors in a casino, but in these days of heavy electronics, chances are that the parquet floor only covers up a fake floor beneath. After all, there has to be somewhere to hide all that wiring that each casino seems to have billions of feet of. No matter what that fake floor is made of, it will have to be covered with some kind of casino flooring. Completely sealed parquet flooring is but one way to do it for a casino.

Now some casinos wish their flooring to appear as if they have utilized very expensive natural stonework, with such flooring consisting of granite, marble, slate or perhaps quartz, but what may appear to be all of those may not be the real thing. You may be amazed to find that even those gleaming marble floors throughout a casino are actually the creations of a company called Silikal.

Casino flooring by Silikal has been available for over 55 years, and in that time they have perfected their flooring product immensely. Their flooring has very high scuff resistance, and is available in several anti-skid grades, eye catching colors, and since that Silikal flooring is a cinch to maintain, it gives every casino a chance to bask in the limelight of great looking flooring.

The Silikal reactive resin flooring is resistant to practically anything, and its seamless completely sealed surface will always remain nonporous. Its “no fissures ever” quality means that no holes can ever appear in this type of casino flooring, and thus microbe and bacteria colonization cannot occur.

Floors which endure completely undamaged year after year of incessant and repetitive stress in casino institutions, are simply standard to Silikal. However you should know that Silikal offers tremendous opportunities for different looking casino flooring. Granite effects are of course quite possible, but many casinos also like the fact that these floors may be integrated with the casino’s company logo or actually any effect that the casino wishes. And of course, as mentioned, no matter what different colors or effect you choose for your casino flooring, Silikal is always monolithic.

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