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Pharmaceutical Flooring

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Have you ever stepped into a pharmacy where the floors were not the epitome of cleanliness? No, of course not for they consider clean floors as an indication of a germ-free environment. What is interesting though is although they may look pristinely clean, they may not be. Maintenance may have been slack, and the germs may well reside out of sight in the cracks and crevices found in most older flooring such as perhaps tile, vinyl composition tile or some type of rubber flooring. All of these let in dirty water under the flooring which is not what the pharma industry needs!

Today, innovative sustainable flooring technology allows pharmaceutical flooring to not only access flooring that is environmentally conscious, but even allows such businesses to receive credits toward LEED certification for such items as the Innovation and Design category. This particular new green flooring trend has taken the pharma industry by storm, and for good reason.

One of the primary leaders of this type of flooring technology is Silikal. Silikal flooring is not only simple to keep sanitary but in addition it is actually good for the environment. Silikal is the creator of flooring that is completely and totally VOC free. Pay attention to some of the competitors who claim to be “low” in VOCs, that’s not good enough for Silikal. The no VOCs found in Silikal also enable those using it to qualify for the Energy and Atmosphere category of LEED certification. With consideration of the LEED category of Materials and Resources it has been noted that Silikal’s technology greatly increases the lifespan of pharmaceutical flooring, thus more LEED points may be available.

As for maintenance, unlike tile that needs to have its grout replaced at intervals, or vinyl composition tile that needs to be stripped of its old wax and then the maintenance crew needs to spend hours buffing and shining the fresh wax no such work is associated with Silikal. There simply is no endless as well as costly maintenance to keep their flooring as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Note that Silikal has absolutely no pores that would allow any dirt or dirty water to be trapped in. A Silikal floor is totally flat, without any bumps even; it is always a smooth surface texture, enabling not just dirt but dirty water to remain on its top to be properly cleansed. Further, Silikal is completely seamless, again unlike competitors and especially unlike vinyl composition tile or rubber flooring.

In addition, using Silikal for pharmaceutical flooring makes more than sense, when one considers the fact that it is slip resistant. Even the pharmaceutical industry will give a knowledgeable nod to the fact that accidents happen, and this is an important factor when considering flooring.

Some have suggested that epoxy is a better option instead of Silikal. Unfortunately it is much less hard-wearing and can be subject to chipping. The cure time for epoxy is also a disaster, whereas Silikal will cure in less than one full hour.

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