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  • panini pete interview

    Panini Pete Adores our Floors

    Silikal® Panini Pete (as seen on the Food Network) expresses his passion for Silikal kitchen floors.

  • restaurant kitchen flooring installation

    Restaurant Kitchen Installation

    Silikal® Kitchen flooring installation from start to finish. See a complete install in minutes.

  • Food Processing

    Silikal floors are easy to clean, non-porous, and do not harbor dirt or bacteria.

  • Overnight Installation

    Silikal® commercial flooring application from start to finish at a Golden Corral restaurant located in Texas.

  • Superior Flooring

    Learn why Silikal® flooring is unmatched in every quality and why you should expect more from your floor.

  • Pepsi Bottling

    The best brands seek the best flooring so naturally pepsi chose silikal reactive resins for their bottling facility.

  • Veterinary Clinic

    Cabarrus animal hospital chose Silikal flooring for their hospital, they tell you why they did and the benefits they are receiving.

  • Hygiene Critical

    Flooring for when hygiene is most critical.

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    Watch another overnight + over tile installation at this KFC location.

  • Company Profile

    Lean more about our company and flooring systems.

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