Concourse Area Floors

Concourse Area Floors

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Chances are that we have all been on an airline concourse at one time or another, some of us a lot of times. Usually they are exceedingly long but filled with anxious flyers, some of which are going through hades in preparation to fly, and some just simply bored with the whole thing. Those who fly often are irked at having to go through all the metal detectors, as well as the endless questions about whether or not one’s luggage was always in sight. Granted, this is a reflection of the times we are in, and there were times when we even had to remove our shoes to be thoroughly inspected due to someone once trying to board with a bomb in his shoes. Again it’s a reflection of the times.

However, those who design those long concourses have taken extra care to make them beautiful, so that the nervous can relax, and the bored have something nice to look at. That’s fully understandable of course.

Today concourse area floors have to put up with all of those rolling luggage wheels that most have, as well as the “golf cart” type of people movers that are sometimes utilized by those in maintenance. In addition what with the changes in how cities and municipalities feel about smoking, concourses have had to deal with smokers who absolutely must smoke prior to boarding.

This of course led to many problems since concourses were not made to accommodate smokers. Instead for instance, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport located in Atlanta, Georgia has had to make special smoking areas where those waiting to board airlines could wait, and be able to smoke. They have opened up special smoking rooms available to the general public on their concourses.

Special concourse area floors were constructed so that the flooring could not only be able to be beautiful, but could accommodate endless foot traffic as well as the rolling luggage already mentioned. Thus, many concourse area floors are created by Silikal. Silikal flooring can withstand not only the rolling luggage, tons of foot traffic, but even the hard cleaning that will occur in those smoking rooms, and Silikal knows that people drop sodas, ice cream and chewing gum on those floors as well.

Silikal was also often chosen by various airports because Silikal flooring is green flooring. What that means is that Silikal has absolutely no VOCs which are the Volatile Organic Compounds that much of the flooring used to have, and still occasionally has. Then too concourse area floors are as we mentioned having to be as tough as possible, and again Silikal fits that too. You see, even in an airport concourse Silikal flooring will last a lifetime, and never need to be redone as so many other concourse floors had to be.

In addition, Silikal can be installed in one portion of a concourse without creating any problems to any of the travelers at all. And also Silikal will actually “set” or “cure” in one hour after installation is complete. Thus that concourse can be reopened for business as soon as that hour is up!

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