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Restroom flooring no matter where we utilize a public rest room should give off an aura of being clean. It’s understandable that many restroom flooring leaves a lot to be desired in cleanliness. But that it’s just not the amount of paper left on neither the floor, nor other incidentals left on the floor, but if the floor is marked by dirty water streaks, and if the restroom smells offensive for some reason that is what makes us question cleanliness. Not that bodily function odor can be eliminated, but the floor itself should not give off an offensive odor, yet many do!

The biggest reason for restroom flooring to have an offensive smell is that for some reason dirty water, and yes even perhaps human urine, is slipping underneath that flooring. Yes, that means that all manner of disgusting things are happening under the floor, such as bacteria reproducing, and also assorted kinds of germs are having a party under that flooring. What results are unfortunately some pretty bad odors. The most offensive restroom flooring that will have this problem are floor tiles, as they have pinholes available where they meet, be the flooring be held down by some kind of adhesive or perhaps grout, it is all porous and microbes are very tiny and can take the opportunity to multiply under the flooring in a blink of an eye. Other examples are of course easily available, but in fact any restroom flooring that is in any way porous can hold staph and form mold.

This is why restroom flooring absolutely needs to be seamless and of course non porous. In the field of flooring usually that would be referred to as being monolithic. On the other hand public restrooms usually are prone to having high traffic in them. Thus, not only is a monolithic surface necessary, but restroom flooring must be able to put up with the aforementioned high traffic.

The very best completely monolithic flooring available for restroom flooring is called Silikal. It never allows pinholes to form through it, thus there are never staph germs, mold, or any microbes that can go underneath Silikal flooring. Ergo, no strange smells from the floor!

Now also because Silikal is monolithic, that also means that it is rather simple to keep clean. That will be a welcome arrangement with your cleaning staff. For instance where restroom flooring is utilized where sand may be brought into the restroom by users, that will no longer be a true cleaning nightmare, as Silikal is strong enough, and being monolithic, that not even a grain of sand can enter into it or under it. Nor will it scratch from the sand as it comes into the restroom on shoes.

Additionally, restroom flooring needs to be slip proof, thus this is also where Silikal shines, and shines in a slip proof manner. Unlike tile too, it will never raise up when the restroom floods, which unfortunately is rather common in public restrooms. Finally, if Silikal is utilized as restroom flooring it will actually last a lifetime because Silikal is truly a unique product.

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