High Rise Building Floor Systems

High Rise Building Floor Systems

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High rise buildings whether they are office buildings, residential condominium buildings, or tall hotels all basically have the same problem concerning the high rise building floor systems. No matter what kind of building it is, you see, there are common areas that have to be addressed. Hallways, for instance, will suffer tremendously from high foot traffic, thus what is put on the floors is of supreme importance. On the other hand, high rise buildings are notorious for being in the upper echelon, thus they need to have a high rise bulding floor system that is posh enough to satisfy all of the tenants, residents, and even visitors!

A little bit of investigation will prove that Silikal is the right choice for most locations including those found in condominium and rental office spaces. After all a Silikal floor in an office allows chairs to move about easily whether they are wheeled or not, as the Silikal floor is totally seamless. Also, it is aesthetically pleasing in the poshest of environments. Even in high rise residential condominium units the common areas are relatively small although there are a lot of them, but this works out very advantageously, as large equipment is not necessary to install Silikal. Silikal’s green flooring also cures almost instantly, for they can be fully utilized in less than one hour which residents are very pleased to hear.

As you are probably only too aware safety inspections are necessary and very common in high rise office buildings, and this is because there are a plethora of building codes when it comes to high rise buildings that must be strictly adhered to. After all safety measures are of extreme importance when speaking of a commercial high rise building for instance. Silikal has made dealing with the bureaucracy their own problem, thus you will find that Silikal has gotten pre approval done for you in advance, so that if you are an owner or manager of a high rise building you will not have to meet those challenges.

If you are at all concerned with durability, Silikal is top notch there, as most Silikal flooring has been showing total accessibility and durability in high rises wherever there are high rises. Floor after floor uses the same building floor system, thus it is exceedingly cost effective in all cases. Of course owners are terribly pleased that unlike other systems, they are not bothered by premature replacement on floors that have the most foot traffic, for example, as no wear and tear ever shows on Silikal flooring.

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