Cruise Ship Floors

Cruise Ship Floors

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Those who have been on cruise ships can attest to the fact that they are all rather grandiose, and in fact many just stand in awe once they find the main staircase descending to the dining room. Each floor or deck to be more precise of a cruise ship is an adventure, one to never be forgotten no matter how often one cruises. Many of the large cruise ships encompass 10 decks, all different and all as fine-looking as they can make them. Smaller cruise ships may only have as many as 6 different decks. However even then they are impressive and just wondrous to behold.

Cruise ships are notorious for installing flooring that will absolutely bedazzle. Thus luscious parquet wood flooring is often found on some of the main decks, and even within some of the bars onboard. Just because it is called maritime flooring does not mean that even luxurious flooring won’t be aboard. Work aboard these cruise ships takes place when the ship is in dry dock having other work performed on her. Thus engine work and parquet work may happen at the same time.

Coordination of these times is of supreme importance as each time a cruise ship goes out to sea; it is to carry its passengers in the utmost of luxury, not with one deck or another under construction. Thus those who perform maritime flooring must always finish right on schedule. Therefore it is in the cruise ships’ best interest to hire only the very best flooring contractors who will meet the heavy schedules set upon them.

Much as some theme parks are all smoke and mirrors, so are cruise ships. What appears to be extravagant marble, may very well not be marble, and what appears to be inset wood simply covered with fine wax, may also be hiding a secret. Only those who work the maritime flooring industries know for sure.

On the other hand, cruise ships have frequently been socked with very expensive court cases, often due to negligence of the purveyor of cruise ship flooring. Case in point has been a court case where an elderly woman slipped and fell breaking her kneecap on a cruise ship. Her attorney proved that the flooring around the pool was incorrect as applied by the maker of the flooring, and thus that the cruise ship should have kept puddles at a minimum knowing the product to be slippery when wet. The company that made the flooring has since had to change hands.

Silikal, on the other hand, takes its responsibility cleanly and very seriously. The Silikal flooring has been used on countless cruise ships to the satisfaction of both the guests on the cruise ships as well as the companies that own the ships. Silikal flooring is always adjusted when utilized on cruise ships to ascertain that they have the correct degree of slip resistance. Their product is dazzling enough to please everyone on board, yet the safety of all is always ascertained. The Silikal reactive resins are non-skid coatings that have been developed by Silikal in order to always be safe.

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