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There is nothing like visiting a bakery, sometimes even driving by one is enough for the wondrous odors to come wafting out to tempt anyone nearby. Thus, most people consider bakeries to be very special, but not surprising bakery flooring must also be special.

Bakery flooring is going to get hot, no doubt about it. When large professional bakeries make breads, biscuits, cookies and cakes, they come out of the oven piping hot and then are laid to cool enough to either be sold in the bakery itself, or perhaps to be shipped off to be sold elsewhere. Bakery flooring also has to be anti-slip in order to keep the chef and the helpers from slipping if something gets spilled along the way. But, even in a bakery accidents happen, and perhaps butter cream icing finds its way to the floor once in a while.

Thus bakery flooring must also have to be resistant to oils and grease of all kinds. In addition it must be easy to clean, after all food is being prepared there. That means too that the floor must not require strong cleansers to keep it clean, as that is not in keeping with an area where food must be prepared either.

In a bakery too are found a great number of rather large mixers. These “monster” mixers exert a tremendous amount of vibration on the bakery flooring, thus the floor that goes in a bakery has to be able to deal with those vibrations and never crack or otherwise lose its full reliability in any manner whatsoever.

Thus far the special flooring that we have described is Silikal. Silikal is created so that there can be no slip and fall in such a bakery. The huge and heavy equipment found in a bakery, from the huge ovens that create so much heat, to the mixers described above, all can easily be dealt with when the bakery has Silikal bakery flooring. The flooring fissures that may be caused in lesser flooring from the vibrations and weight of that equipment are nil with Silikal, thus the floor will never be an out-and-out breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Much to the surprise of bakery owners too is the fact that their bakery flooring can be put back into full service after only one hour has gone by following installation. Yes, that means the mixers can get going, and the ovens can put out the heat necessary to start baking again! All those heavy loads and the typical wear and tear that a bakery will put out mean nothing to Silikal.

Bakery owners are also extremely pleased to hear that Silikal is a green product, and in fact can qualify for LEED points due to the fact that it is a no VOC flooring. Vocs are detrimental to our earth because they are volatile organic compounds. Finally, Silikal is a floor that will look as great as the day it was laid even when a lifetime has gone by.

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