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It is more than understandable that those who own a cafeteria will want to keep their cafeteria running efficiently but all the while knowing that they must comply with safety standards. It is also fully understandable that doing so is vital to their reputation. Thus, they will be seeking cafeteria flooring that is not only ultra-durable, but is also a low maintenance flooring product. However, they will desire first-class protection against bacteria, and food stains as well as not having to utilize caustic cleaning agents. After all, cafeteria flooring must at all times avoid any cross-contamination and thereby suffer no costly downtime.

One cafeteria owner was also highly sensitive about the difficulties that would be encountered in keeping that cafeteria flooring clean. Perhaps he was one of the unfortunates who made a decision to utilize stick on vinyl floor tiles in the past, only to find that those very tiles almost resulted in his having to be shut down. The owner was aghast when local restaurant inspections raised questions about what was going on with his tile flooring, pointing out that the tiles were loose in places, and that dirty water had entered under the tiles. He was even more aghast when the inspector lifted a tile and showed him what was under it. He could see the dark emanations of mold, but he also knew that under that tile was also a living tableau of microbes and bacteria.

Perhaps then the cafeteria owner decided to have the entire vinyl tile flooring removed, have the underside cleaned properly and have installed instead some beautiful imported tile. Surely a decorator was asked to choose the best tile and the corresponding grout so that the results were simply beautiful.

Time always marches on, and unfortunately the tile flooring became loose from the substrate and then the adjacent tiles began to fail. The tile grout joints deteriorated over time and began to harbor dirt and bacteria. This of course presented not only a cleaning problem, but also now an odor problem. What followed lead to the subsequent breakdown of the tile floor. Those cafeteria tiles had also managed to become saturated with oils resulting in their becoming slippery which only added to the cleaning problems.

Finally the cafeteria owner happened into another cafeteria while out of town, and saw a cafeteria with absolutely clean looking and beautiful flooring. Inquiries to the manager resulted in the manager sharing with the hapless cafeteria owner that his owner had called upon Silikal instead of going through other routes. He described the work that Silikal did, how they showed up with an entire crew to do that work in short time, and how when 4 AM rolled around, the chef was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the office workers who breakfasted at that cafeteria and as they ate, the chef was already making the lunch preparations. The cafeteria owner had only one more question, and asked how long ago that floor had been put in, expecting to hear only a few weeks as the floor gleamed with newness. Receiving the answer that the floor was over 5 years old, he was shocked.

Returning to his home town that afternoon, he looked up Silikal on his computer, found a local Silikal representative, and made arrangements for Silikal to come give him their estimate on a new cafeteria floor. Rumor has it that his cafeteria is doing great, and it passes restaurant inspection every time now and has for years.

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