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Silikal® offers a certified LEED floor - Silikal® Flooring is no VOC flooring

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Those who work in construction know that the hassles of construction are many, and with today’s construction demanding better construction methods as well as having environmentally sustainable building practices are of supreme importance as everyone strives to be “green” as much as possible. Thus, having a LEED floor which means one that is rated highly in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design now equals to having a floor that is treated the Silikal way. This requires flooring that is certified as being no voc flooring. You see the majority of conventional floorings actually contain extremely elevated levels of vocs, which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs produce a breathable gas when they are applied which is rated as very dangerous for humans. So, now you better understand what it means when we say that you can have a LEED floor, which is one that is a no voc flooring if you use Silikal.

Companies that are more aware of the possible health risks as well as the overall air quality that has led to concerns about voc's , and low voc flooring, which in turn has led to demands for products that are lower in voc's, Silikal answers those stringent requirements. Silikal is a product that those who are sensitive to voc's need not worry about using Silikal in a building, as it is going to provide a LEED floor, and even a no voc flooring! And that’s because Silikal believes in “green” and healthy human products.

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