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Restaurant Flooring

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If you were to walk into a beautiful restaurant this exact minute; unless you are in flooring of some type, you most probably would not notice the floor, but instead you would take in the complete ambiance, and if that ambiance is done well with glowing candlelight and pristine white tablecloths you would be greatly pleased to have gone to that restaurant. Now imagine the same ambiance, but when you walk in a putrid smell is emanating from an obviously bad floor? There are cracks in the floor where it is highly evident that food and drink have entered there, and it is putrefying down those crevices. Would you wish to leave and simply vacate the premises? Most people would, even though there is glowing candlelight and pristine white tablecloths.

Why? Because the entire ambiance of this otherwise fine restaurant has been extremely ruined by the bad flooring. Restaurant flooring can; and often has, turned people away. It is such a shame when an otherwise great restaurant may make such a bad impression that people will turn around and march out of there to seek another restaurant.

There are so many different kinds of restaurant flooring. There is tile, which the majority of restaurants today utilize. Unfortunately tile presents its own problems in restaurant flooring. Sure tile is easy to maintain and any spills pick up immediately, but some restaurant owners have disregarded the grout in between the tile, and come to regret it. You see, the grout will unfortunately allow all manner of food and liquid to penetrate it, and often that goes under the tile where it can fester and eventually will lead to the above experience, a putrefying floor odor.

Of course there is also vinyl. A lot of vinyl installations will have absolutely no gaps, no joints that will trap dirt, and those are definitely best if you opt for vinyl. Of course, the problem with vinyl is that it does not last, it is subject to wearing out frequently especially if you have a lot of foot traffic. Also, a dropped dish may cut the vinyl, and then what results will be the same offensive problem found with the tile flooring.

Many restaurant owners will look over this subject and claim that they do not have such problems because they opted to have concrete floors. That’s fine, and in fact better than fine, unless you have not had the concrete sealed. You see, concrete may seem to be as hard as diamonds to the untrained eye, but concrete actually is rather soft, and in a short time plain concrete will begin to turn to dust and leaving mounds of dust everyday for your cleaning crew. In addition, plain unfinished concrete will also sop up accidental droppings, unfortunately also creating that odor problem.

This leaves us with the absolute best restaurant flooring, and that is Silikal. This product creates a complete seal deep within it enabling nothing to penetrate, and no foot traffic to wear it down. It is incredibly easy to keep clean, and yes, it’s even beautiful, lending a wonderful ambiance to any type of restaurant.

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