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All kinds of places have conference rooms. Take for instance police departments, lawyers and even the airport security offices where they might interview people who for some reason are suspected of wrong doings. Then there are the conference rooms in a title closing agency where they close real estate deals or even in large condominiums where they interview potential new residents. The point is that conference rooms are utilized by a plethora of businesses.

Most conference room floors are the same as found in the remainder of the offices, such as lawyer’s conference rooms where the highest and best flooring may be seen. Police departments on the other hand need conference rooms as well, but they may not be as posh as the lawyer’s offices are. In fact in a police department, one may see some rather plain looking floors, but they still need to be able to take a lot of abuse. There may be more than one chair pulled out forcibly there, and at times fights break out between the accused. We all watch TV so we all know what goes on in those police departments, right? Seriously, in police departments they must often deal with the dregs of humanity who may urinate on the floor, or even spew out vomit at a moment’s notice, thus flooring there is kept rather plain, but easy to clean.

Interestingly enough even the most beautiful floors may not be able to sustain any abuse whatsoever, and even lawyer’s conference room floors have been known to begin to disintegrate a few years after installation. Generally the reason is that the wrong flooring was introduced, or the flooring developed pin holes which allowed dirt to get under the floor. Eventually this leads to the flooring failure. In the case of the police department this would even lead to the floors having some rather unsavory odors.

One of the saving graces of flooring is that Silikal is available for any conference room floors, be they located in police stations or the grandest hotels in the world. Silikal is deemed necessary for conference room floors because it is known to last a lifetime, no matter what. Silikal users who put in Silikal flooring are sometimes asked how their flooring is faring, and they all answer that it looks as if it was just installed.

In addition to its lasting power, Silikal floors are simply striking. That’s why these fine looking floors find their way in innocuous conference rooms, as well as the richest conference rooms. Silikal is a product unlike any other product, for the Silikal group has created what is referred to as enhanced MMA. Now MMA is common to be used for flooring, and it stands for a mouthful called methyl methacrylate. Now you see why it’s shortened to MMA. The reason that Silikal enhanced their MMA was to make it last longer, and their scientists and engineers did manage to make it last much longer than anyone else’s MMA. Just imagine conference room floors that last a lifetime? That’s Silikal for you!

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