Helicopter Pad Flooring

Helicopter Pad Flooring

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A helicopter pad is often referred to as a helipad, thus combining the two words into one, making it easier for everyone to understand what it refers to. That is called a portmanteau, etymologically speaking. The United States Department of Transportation via its Federal Aviation Administration has actually created a document that will help those seeking helicopter pad flooring. See (FAA) Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5390-2A, for further information.

It is interesting to realize that a helicopter pad is more than a circle that has been quickly painted on a rooftop. Its size depends on the size of the helicopter that will land upon it so that the largest helicopter that will be utilized is measured for weight, width and of course its length as well.

Take for example a rooftop hospital helicopter pad. Generally it will have been erected using concrete and steel. The helipad will have been equipped with lighting to facilitate night landings, and of course the required lighted wind sock will have to be present. Not everyone is aware of this but that helicopter pad must also have a tremendous amount of fire prevention equipment.

Next envision, if you will, the amount of weight that a helicopter will bring to the helicopter pad flooring. The flooring has to be super strong, and capable of handling such supreme weight, not once but over and over again. That means that the flooring must be heavy-duty enough to actually be able to sustain literally thousands of pointedly direct helicopter loads.

Although many people won’t consider the following, it is highly important thata helicopter pad flooring be rendered skid proof. Not only may the helicopter itself skid on the roof as it lands, but also you are going to have people going in and out of the helicopter, perhaps in a rush, especially if it is hospital helicopter pad flooring. In addition to people perhaps being in a rush, the very fact that it is outdoors means that it will be exposed to the elements. That means hot sunshine as well as snow and rain. There really is not much flooring that can take that kind of abuse and still remain of any use.

Actually Silikal is the only flooring that can take that much abuse and still remain the same as if it was installed yesterday. It is completely skidproof, and its colors will in no way ever fade no matter how long it is in the sunlight. In the first place, those seeking helicopter pad flooring must realize that Silikal not only has anti-skid properties, but in addition it is flexible yet can still be said to be a highly durable seamless surface.

Those who use Silikal for helicopter pad flooring will find that they never again need to repair the concrete, for it will then be wholly protected by that Silikal flooring. There is a reason why one frequently hears that Silikal flooring is there for a lifetime, and that reason is that it’s the absolute truth.

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