Best Flooring Resistant to Water

Best Flooring Resistant to Water

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Often the question arises as to what is the best flooring resistant to water? Of course there are many products out there that say they are the best flooring resistant to water, but best is basically subjective, you know? Much of that answer is found in the advertising that is put out by various products.

But let’s say that the dampest locale in any business would be its basement, what then is the best flooring resistant to water? Many consider perhaps utilizing concrete, ceramic or even stone. Concrete is definitely, out of many choices, moisture enduring flooring, however many find it drab and extremely cold to touch.

Those who utilize tiles may have even gone through the expense of fighting that coldness by having introduced heating coils under that tile. That at least makes concrete warm, however it can also lead to endless problems as well. Unfortunately that tile may look very nice at first, but eventually moisture can come creeping in under those tiles, and then the tiles exude an odor because the grout lets water seep through, and it does hold moisture too.

Some decide to utilize a laminate. This is fine, but that also means having to install sub-flooring, and the sub-flooring may not be waterproof, even if a waterproof laminate was utilized.

Indoor-outdoor carpeting is often mentioned, as it too needs a sub-floor, and thus the carpeting stays absolutely toasty warm. That is until the sub-floor cannot hold any more moisture, and then carpeting will literally soak up the moisture and thus may create mold.

Putting in hardwood flooring may be suggested. Wood and water, and wood and moisture equal big problems not the least of which is that once more you will find that mold will raise its ugly head. Granted today we have engineered wood to consider, but those who are dealing with a basement would rather not have to deal with building up some kind of sub-floor all of which may turn out to be something that will not hold back moisture in a basement.

Finally, we come to a product named Silikal. Now, we have the absolute best flooring resistant to water. Silikal completely seals off concrete, so that not one drop, not one iota of dampness can permeate it, or enter it. Silikal is so waterproof that it can even be used outside. Consider that if it can be exposed to elements such as sun, rain and snow, imagine what it will do in a basement situation?

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