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“Back when” grocery store flooring used to be small vinyl tiles. That was fine when the tile work was new, but eventually it would crack or otherwise fall apart requiring new tile to be put down in certain areas. This then resulted in a hodge-podge mess of new flooring and old flooring which certainly did nothing to make shoppers feel as if the floors were being kept especially very clean. What very few of us realized was how hard that grocery store worked to keep their floors clean.

Every night long after everyone else was asleep a cleaning crew would enter that store, and sweep the floor carefully. Then the floors were mopped judiciously, wax was then poured onto the floor and worked tirelessly into the floor. All this was necessary because of the amount of foot traffic that the grocery store saw, what with shopping carts, kids trailing their feet because they did not wish to follow their Mom as she shopped, and the occasional stiletto high heel that left indentations in all grocery store flooring all over town.

Today grocery store flooring is not so simple, yet many stores still need to “super clean” their grocery store flooring as described above. Thus we have the ubiquitous term for such flooring today as VCT flooring. But VCT flooring is still vinyl composition tile with all the problems associated with tile. What happens with tile is not appetizing at all, especially when one considers it happening in a grocery store. Small pinholes form in the tile, or the tile loosens slightly where there have been seams, and when that grocery store flooring is mopped, water seeps beneath the tile. Dirty water such as that tends to carry with it microbes, bacteria, germs and thus create the perfect home for mold to form. Not only is the flooring contaminated but it is as dirty as could be.

Thus, it is important that any grocery store utilize the proper flooring, and the very best grocery store flooring is undoubtedly Silikal. The whys and wherefores are of course many, but looking at it from the standpoint of what happened to the vinyl composition tile, the first reason is that Silikal is monolithic. It will not have joints or seams, and it won’t become brittle and start to break down due to water intrusion, and there is no way that it can be infiltrated with microbes, bacteria, and germs and thus create the perfect home for mold! In fact Silikal will never even cause pinholes to form in its flooring and it’s there for a lifetime.

Additionally, Silikal grocery store flooring is amazingly easy to keep clean. It is completely flat, and having no ridges there is nowhere for dirt to hide. It would also be extremely important for grocery store flooring to be non-slip as well, and of course Silikal will make sure of that. The Silikal reactive resins can be transparent or beautifully pigmented as desired in order to allow customers to feel as if the grocery store flooring could not possibly be cleaner!

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