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Quartz System In Detail

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Listed below are all components of the Silikal® 61 CQ low maintenance flooring system accompanied by a brief description. Use the links to open corresponding Product Data Sheets for a better in depth and detailed description of that product. Product data sheets are in a .PDF format that open in a new window.

Patch Repair With R17:

SILIKAL® R17 mortar is a solvent-free 2-component methacrylic resin mortar with a high compressive strength and tensile strength in bending. It is characterized by very low linear shrinkage.

Moisture Vapor Treatment RE42:

SILIKAL® RE42 is a Pore filling, super low viscosity and pressure-water-resistant concrete primer to prevent rising moisture

Priming RU380:

SILIKAL® RU380 resin is used in order to strengthen and impregnate extremely porous substrates, to close up cracks in composite screeds and as an injection resin for hollow screeds.

Coating R61 CQ:

SILIKAL® R 61 resin is a reactive, slightly elasticized resin for slip-resistant floorings great in wet areas. It is employed as a binder in the manufacture of self-leveling coatings sprinkled with quartz grain or for smoothable floorings with colored quartz, predominantly in the food industry.

Top Coat R71:

SILIKAL® R 71 resin is a reactive, solvent-free, low-viscosity, virtually non-yellowing 2-component methacrylic resin offering good resistance to water interaction. It serves primarily as a slightly elasticized and colorless top coat on sprinkled coatings in wet areas.

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