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The general needs of good mechanical room flooring include but are not limited to being moisture insensitive, be able to reduce the noise of mechanical vibration, have great shock absorption qualities, be chemical resistant, be integrally watertight as well as able to tolerate recurring thermal cycling that may be utilized such as steam or hot washdowns, and the flooring must never break down nor crack.

After all, mechanical rooms contain an assortment of equipment such as the HVAC equipment, meaning heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, air handlers, chillers, and also elevator machinery, back up electric generators, heat exchangers, boilers, sprinkling pumps and piping in case of fires, water heaters and the tanks required to do so, a plethora of water pumps and any and all other assorted equipment needed in a large building such as a hospital, for instance.

That list alone will emphasize the requirement for the mechanical room flooring to handle that which is itemized within the first paragraph, but even more. Thus the best flooring is Silikal. Because mechanical room flooring needs to be totally waterproof, flooring for such a room will usually be completely monolithic, and will also have an integral watertight cove base wherever there is a floor/wall junction, as Silikal does.

Although mechanical room flooring is found in the basement of buildings, some wonder as to the necessity of installing waterproof flooring when just regular concrete would do? The answer is of course that such leaks will weaken the concrete where substantial weight may be seated, such as boilers and the like. Even concrete becomes brittle over time. Further with Silikal as installation is being completed of the mechanical room flooring, the floor drains, and even proximate equipment are always properly and adequately protected and masked to prevent any dust contamination to sensitive equipment.

Also, one must take into account the various leaks that may occur, some of them possibly substantial. That means that even though the leak may eventually be fixed, one should not allow water to enter under the flooring, thus waterproofing mechanical room flooring is more than necessary. Silikal more than answers that requirement, as nothing ever gets under Silikal.

The other necessity is that the flooring needs to be safe for all who may enter the mechanical room. Thus it should always be made non slippery to prevent slip and fall accidents and once more Silikal delivers this as well.

Those who are seeking mechanical room flooring absolutely cannot do better than Silikal, especially since the amount of mechanical rooms that are protected by Silikal know-how numbers in the thousands. Its finished color topcoat will make even a mechanical room easier to work in considering the amount of reflexivity it can provide with light bright colors instead of the usual military gray most often seen in such rooms.

Thus with Silikal there will never be any passage of water to the substrate, and it therefore has complete resistance to bacteria as well as fungus which is often a problem in a mechanical room given its location in a building. Thus the very best mechanical room flooring is Silikal.

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