Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

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All commercial kitchen flooring needs the following requirements, easy maintenance, durability, fire and stain protection as well as slip resistance. There is one very important requirement though that is not in that list, and that is that it should be totally seamless.

You may wonder why that is so important? It’s imperative because any commercial kitchen flooring needs to be totally resistant against all manner of fungus, mold, staining and foul odors. You will want flooring that will never deteriorate as it protects your kitchen flooring against microbes, yeast, and bacteria, as well as viruses. This is vital to reflect on when planning for commercial kitchen flooring.

It takes only a microscopic point of entry such as a tiny pinhole for the full sub flooring in a kitchen to be totally compromised. Thus the entire kitchen floor needs to be completely and truly seamless in order to prevent bacteria, insects and mold infestation hazards.

Because Silikal is a totally seamless non-porous flooring that is completely sealed against even pinholes, it has become the answer to proper commercial kitchen flooring world wide. Also, you will find that Silikal’s floors contain absolutely no solvents, enabling them to be utilized in portions of an inhabited building since there are absolutely no VOCs!

Commercial kitchens are notorious too for pulling along crates along its floors and leaving deep gouges as well as scratches. You will have none of those with Silikal. Further, commercial kitchens are rough on floors with utensils and even pots and pans hitting the floor when they are dropped. With Silikal, those worries are over, as the floor can take this kind of punishment and more!

In addition, Silikal is the superlative selection for commercial kitchen flooring because Silikal is not only fantastically easy to maintain, but is offered in diverse anti-skid grades, as well as many tremendously tempting ranges of colors too. With Silikal enhanced MMA flooring, people who work in kitchens of catering establishments, hotels, and restaurants all say that Silikal provides them with a wonderful, dependable, clean and comfortable working environment that lets them prepare truly delicious meals! Thus if you are currently seeking the very best commercial kitchen flooring, remember that you cannot do better than Silikal!

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