Auditorium Flooring

Auditorium Flooring

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One of the more difficult flooring to set down, auditorium flooring is it. After all there are all those seats to work around, the grade of the flooring and the necessity of a complete seal the first time around as down time for an auditorium is often very difficult to find. Those seeking auditorium flooring want something that will provide the best resistance to foot traffic and indentation too of course. Thus that flooring has got to be as dense as possible, and totally waterproof, and in addition it has to be a non-porous surface. Then not only must it meet all of these requirements, but it should have a very high fire rating too!

Because it will be in a public venue, they’ll want it to be as slip resistant as possible as well. Others will require it to be, in the case of an indoor auditorium, totally indoor air compliant. Because the blind as well as those who need to use crutches as well as wheelchairs will be in attendance, the floor needs to be ADA compliant too.

The owners of the auditorium when seeking auditorium flooring will demand as low a maintenance cost as possible, thus they will want a floor that requires no stripping in addition to no waxing. Those owners will also stipulate an extended life expectancy of their auditorium flooring. As you read this list of demands and requirements, you may well wonder if such an auditorium flooring actually exists?

We, at Silikal flooring manufacturing, are very proud to say that it not only does exist but it will deliver all those requirements and even more for auditorium flooring. First, many are exceedingly surprised to hear that it will be ready for use in only one hour or slightly less after application, and yes it will seal up that hard so that nothing will mar it after that hour!

Because Silikal makes a 100% seal, it is indeed totally waterproof, thus nothing will come between that Silikal seal and the substrate. What this means is that you will have an auditorium floor that is completely sealed, and therefore won’t allow any microbes or bacteria to seep under the floor, which is important in a public setting such as an auditorium. Those workers who will lay down the auditorium flooring have been especially trained by Silikal in order to do so. They are experienced experts, so expect only the best!

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