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Concrete Sealer

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Any concrete sealer will basically fit into two different types, the first will form a type of membrane upon the very surface of that concrete, and the second works by actually penetrating the surface of the concrete. For simplicity’s sake, let’s look at each individually.

Surface sealers

What surface sealers do is to prevent foreign substances from entering the concrete, which might turn out to be injurious to the concrete. For example these include items that stain, chemicals, rust, oils, salts, and of course water. There are different kinds of surface sealers, acrylic, epoxy and urethane sealers.

• Acrylic sealers will allow dampness to escape from the concrete, and will not hold well if they are water based. Solvent based acrylics will hold up better but are toxic due to the strong fumes they emit.

• Epoxy sealers are stronger and last longer, but do not allow the concrete to emit any moisture from it. Most ordinarily need constant repair, and often cause serious slippage problems.

• Urethane sealers are so caustic that they must be applied by a professional. They do last much longer than do acrylics and are somewhat scratch-resistant but are not for outdoor use due to yellowing when exposed to UV-rays. In addition, they will severely trap moisture.

Penetrating sealers

The greater majority of these are silicone based. Once they have penetrated the surface they react with the free lime in the concrete and chemically form calcium silicate. This will strengthen the concrete as well as prevent moisture from entering the concrete, thus preventing water seepage.

Then there’s Silikal

Silikal is more than a concrete sealer. It is actually more properly called a floor system. You see this classification is an integrated system that can be made as non-slip as you prefer from extreme to mild depending on your circumstances. This is a perfect commercial epoxy flooring choice. Whereas other floors may take days to harden, you will find too that Silikal is ready to be fully utilized within one hour! And it’s highly durable, even under the pressure of constant use of forklifts.

The other thing that is superb about Silikal is its use as an interior sealer. Imagine for instance an elegant rustic flooring, or a distinguished finish that interior decorators approve of and love? This too is our concrete sealer. Your options are endless!

Why is it so much better than all the above products? Because only Silikal uses enhanced MMA, thus no other product has the wearability and constant wear beauty that it does! Whatever your business, you deserve to appear as professional as you truly are, and only Silikal can bring you incredibly beauty as well as almost infinite durability.

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